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Last year
Jailed Russian opposition leader Navalny rapidly losing weight after 'suspected poisoning’
All time
More than 17,000 litres of weedkiller sprayed onto Irish roads over two years
France, Germany and Britain seek Russia sanctions over Navalny poisoning
Ireland joins condemnation of Navalny poisoning but EU says it's too early to discuss 'punishment'
Man charged with poisoning homeless people with hot chili pepper resin so he could video their reaction
UK healthcare professional arrested on suspicion of poisoning patients
Pussy Riot activist hospitalised after suspected poisoning
Precautions in place to protect mourners at funeral of nerve agent victim
'Unknown substance' hospitalises two in Salisbury close to where Skripals were poisoned
Recovery from poisoning is 'slow and painful' - Yulia Skripal speaks
Russia compares Salisbury poisoning allegations to Nazi propaganda
Russian ambassador on expulsion of Irish diplomat: 'Every action finds its counteraction'
Explainer: What we know about Russia's Novichok nerve agents
Police ask military to help remove objects from scene where former spy was found unconscious
Bosnian army leader dies after drinking poison at war crimes court
Gardaí want this 'toxic' poison that was stolen in Wicklow given back
North Korean antics aside, poison has been a hugely popular killing agent through the ages
Police probe 'poisoning' at Wimbledon after player ends up in intensive care
New York woman who poisoned her husband and tried to frame her daughter dies in prison
33 people including 5 children die after eating poisoned sweets
Do we really need to worry about a plague of giant rats this winter?
'No info' for Kennel Club to investigate reports of mass poisoning at Crufts
Do not eat: Supermarkets warned to keep daffodils away from fruit and veg
"People are devastated": Fears that cats are being deliberately poisoned on Dublin road
Someone tried to kill these Peregrine Falcons by feeding them poisoned pigeons
Head of playschool given death penalty for killing children with poisoned yoghurt
Nurse charged with murdering patients by poisoning them in Manchester hospital
French experts rule out Arafat poisoning
Debunked: Are Daddy Longlegs the most poisonous spiders in the world?
20 children dead from school meal in India
Suspicious letters sent to Obama at the White House
New York mayor receives suspected deadly poison letters
Charges dropped against Elvis impersonator in US ricin letters
Here's what the poison sent to Barack Obama can do
Suspect arrested after 'ricin' poison letter sent to Obama
Deadly poison ricin sent in post to US Senator
White-tailed eagles found poisoned in Co Cork
Arafat exhumation hopes to quell poison quandary
Body of Yasser Arafat to be exhumed next month