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# periods

This year
# Spain
Spain becomes first European country to legislate paid time off for women with painful periods
The law is aimed at breaking a taboo on the subject, the government has said.
Last year
# Raising Awareness
Dina Asher-Smith wants research into ‘huge’ impact periods have on performance
The 26-year-old was back on the track at the Olympiastadion on Thursday evening in the semi-finals of the 200m.
# periods
Union calls for menstrual health policy in every Irish workplace
Over 70% of respondents in a survey conducted by the union had taken time off work because of their periods.
# Women's Health
Spanish cabinet approves paid 'menstrual leave'
Equality Minister Irene Montero said the law will recognise a health problem that has been largely swept under the carpet until now.
All time
# period poverty
'Negotiations ongoing' on zero VAT rate for newer period products like menstrual cups
A report launched today found that extensive research is required to examine the impact of period poverty in Ireland.
# period poverty
Government report on period poverty to be launched next month
The report comes as two senators have put forward proposed legislation on the issue.
# Women's Health
Minister sets up period poverty committee: 'Menstruation is not a choice'
The health minister said women are facing significant costs paying for sanitary products.
# Menstruation
What your period may be telling you about your overall health
We asked the experts.
# periods
Mary Queen of Scots director Josie Rourke explained the menstruation scene Saoirse Ronan was praising last week
“It was probably the most straightforward scene that we shot.”
# period pain
Just 20 tweets that perfectly sum up the pain of periods
Why can’t my uterus yell at me to tell me if I’m pregnant or not?
# the homeless period
'It makes them feel like they're not forgotten about': The group tackling period poverty in Dublin
The Homeless Period Dublin is ensuring that women who are homeless or in direct provision don’t go without sanitary products.
# a red sun rises
16 jokes about periods that will make every woman go 'yep'
Sure this is it.
# bodyform
This is the first sanitary towel ad to actually show blood, instead of that mysterious blue liquid
It’s about bloody time. (Ah weh weh weh.)
# periods
What's it really like to use a menstrual cup? We asked four Irish people who have tried them
How much money could you save from investing in one? A lot, tbh.
# have a happy period
9 ridiculous things that always happen in feminine hygiene ads
Dip the pad in the blue water! Dip it!
# mensez
This guy has invented a special 'glue' for women to seal their vaginas shut during their periods
He thinks it will replace tampons. Guess what people who actually have periods think?
# hot water bottle
9 questions every woman has asked herself when she's on her period
It’s a troubling time.
# munster are playing at home
'Munster are playing at home' is the best, most Irish period euphemism going
Hands down.
# uterus temper tantrum
10 spot-on descriptions of what period pain is really like
Truly the devil’s work.
# period party
This mam threw her daughter a 'period party' because she was worried about starting her period
There was a cake that said ‘Congrats on your period’. YES.
Endometriosis: 'It's the kind of pain that takes the breath from you and makes you fall to your knees'
Endo is the abnormal growth of endometrial cells. The pain can be relentless and there is no cure, writes Julie Ronaghan.
# vagina lasers
This mother-daughter text exchange about tampons is going insanely viral
# blood bath
This little girl had the most dramatic reaction to learning about her sister's period
Oh the horror of discovering periods.
20 stages of PMS every woman will recognise
Every damn month.
# period drama
This skirt is going viral for looking like every girl's worst nightmare
Is that… a STAIN?
Giving women time off for periods would be unfair - but we need to talk about them more
A company in the UK has introduced a “period policy” that will allow women leave if they are suffering.
# period drama
19 very real tweets about periods everyone should read
You don’t think periods are “that bad”? Think again.
# period drama
Irish women are sharing their messiest, most honest period stories
Cork author Louise O’Neill has opened the floodgates, so to speak.
# period knickers
This guy posted a photo of his wife's period outfit on Reddit and 'woke up to a s**t storm'
Sounds about right to us.
# red blotch
This woman's powerful Facebook status about period stains is going mega viral
“I am not ashamed.”
# period drama
15 tweets about periods that will make all women laugh out loud
These gals? They get it.
# Biology
This girl's well-meaning boyfriend definitely needs a biology lesson
Oh no, that”s not where that goes.
# scarlet for yer ma
This kid mortified his mam in the shop with maxi pads, and promptly went viral
# Tears
12 actual things gals have cried at while on their period
“It’s just emotion taking me over…”
# party popper
Irish men explaining tampons and pantyliners is unexpectedly hilarious
“Do you pull off this bit aswell?”.
# Awkward
Mams are sharing hilariously awkward stories about kids and periods on Facebook
These will make your day.
# period rage
People are complaining that this ad for sanitary towels is offensive and fat-shaming women
Here’s how not to advertise to ladies.
# periods are not an insult
After controversial comments, Trump faces onslaught of tweets from women describing their periods
“Hey Donald Trump, I just got my period.”
# gal pals
Can girls' periods really sync over a Whatsapp group?
# scents and scentsibility
Here's why there's a massive backlash against 'scented' tampons
Nope. No thank you.