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February 2024
Early spring predicted at Pennsylvania's Groundhog Day ceremony
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Death toll from powerful explosion at chocolate factory in United States rises to seven
Key US swing state senator John Fetterman hospitalised with depression
Six more weeks of winter predicted in Pennsylvania's Groundhog Day ceremony
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Democrat John Fetterman defeats Trump-backed Dr Oz in Pennsylvania senate race
Abortion and the US Midterms: 'It's about my right to take care of my body'
Five states, California, Michigan, Vermont, Kentuck and Montana, are holding votes on abortion.
For all other states, the issue is a motivating factor for people to get out and vote for politicians.
The context is the Dobbs decision to remove the US constitutional right to abortion.
Democrat John Fetterman displays stroke after-effects in high-stakes US Senate debate
US Midterms: Baseball over breakfast with Ireland's unofficial Congressman Brendan Boyle
In a diner in northeastern Philadelphia, Boyle speaks to Rónán Duffy about the Democrats' chances.
Boyle outlines why he has been so outspoken about Brexit and Ireland;s constitutional future.
The backdrop is a high-profile Senate race in the Pennsylvanuia that has the US talking.
Author: 'I knew those neo-Nazi classmates were living in a sort of oblivion of meaninglessness'
US politician attends son’s same-sex wedding days after voting no to gay marriage
Trump urges celebrity doctor to declare victory in US Senate primary
World leaders pay tribute to 9/11 victims
Bill Cosby denied parole after refusing to engage in sex offender programmes
It’s Groundhog Day in a time of pandemic
Joe Biden: 'The numbers tell us a clear and convincing story'
When can we expect to get results in remaining states?
One man arrested as police in Philadelphia investigate planned attack at election count centre
Melania Trump criticises Biden and Democrats in first solo campaign stop
'This is not a reality show': Obama takes aim at Donald Trump’s handling of coronavirus
Trump foregoes preparation for his debate with Biden to campaign in crucial swing state
Police in the US searching for person who tried to release bedbugs in Walmart store
Bill Cosby loses appeal to overturn his sexual assault conviction
Victims of synagogue shooting ranged in age from 54 to 97
11 dead and 6 injured as shooter opens fire during baby naming ceremony at Pittsburgh synagogue
US opens national investigation into alleged abuse carried out by more than 300 suspected priests
'A sexually violent predator': Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison
Bill Cosby back in court to face sentencing for sexual assault
Over 1,000 children molested by 300 priests in Pennsylvania - report
Algerian-Irish man pleads guilty to terror charges in US
Democrat Conor Lamb claims victory in key congress election battle in Trump stronghold
US car wash shooting: Victims families say killer was motivated by 'jealousy'
A white Christmas: Record-breaking 60 inches of snowfall has completely buried this US town
'There was blood everywhere': Over 40 injured in Philadelphia train crash this morning
18-year-old girl shot dead in road rage incident after two cars try to merge into one lane in Pennsylvania
Bill Cosby elects not to testify as defence calls just one witness in sexual assault trial
Cosby trial opens with witness breaking down in tears on stand
'Legally blind' Bill Cosby arrives for jury selection in sex assault trial
'Facebook murderer' shoots and kills himself during police chase
Donald Trump calls election recount 'a scam'
Man jailed for 18 months for hacking nude photos from celebrities' phones