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President defends Sabina prison visit as “private and personal”
Fractured Syrian opposition agrees to join peace talks
Weekly protests planned over jailing of 79-year-old peace activist
Martin McGuinness urges Enda Kenny and David Cameron to endorse Haass proposals
Pope Francis and Richard Haass shortlisted for Tipperary Peace Award
Haass talks with NI parties fail to reach consensus, but Gilmore says agreement is essential
Explainer: What do the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks mean?
Gilmore: 'We were determined that Ireland would be Europe’s success story'
Irish priest follows Dalai Lama in being honoured for peace work
International Clown Convention deny involvement in killing of drug cartel leader
Theatre group arrested at Belfast airport after bullets found in costume
Parades, protests and flags on the agenda as US diplomat arrives in Belfast
Seven plane-loads of people depart Dublin for Lourdes pilgrimage
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Column: 'Life for an Afghan is random, ruthless and unforgiving'
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Obama to call for nuclear cuts in Berlin speech
US want a 'diplomatic solution' to Iran's nuclear program
Funeral of Bolger brothers takes place in Passage East
Hassan Rowhani wins Iran presidency
Far-right protesters turn up at mosque, worshippers give them tea
Groups awarded €1.5 million for "tireless" cross-border peace work
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Dalai Lama crosses Derry Peace Bridge with Catholic and Protestant children
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Can sport save mankind?
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Column: 'Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst' amid Kenya election fears
Audio: NATO wants Ireland to get more involved with military alliance
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North Korea unlikely to obey latest UN sanctions
'Imagine Peace' - Yoko Ono takes out full page ad in New York Times
Pics: Anti-war protesters burn US flag in Dublin city centre
Hillary Clinton calls killing of David Black "outrageous and cowardly act"
'Legal violations' caused by US military and CIA use of Shannon Airport outlined in new booklet
Unexpected cat appearance of the day
Fund delivers €5m for peace building and integration in NI