# Peace Talks

Last year
Rumoured talks between Zelenskyy and Xi may be sign of 'wider support' for Ukraine, Ryan says
Putin says he's ready for Ukraine talks if Kyiv accepts 'new territorial realities'
All time
War in Ukraine enters 'protracted phase': Defence minister
Kremlin says nothing 'too promising' came from Russia-Ukraine peace talks in Istanbul
Russia says it will cut back operations near Ukrainian capital following ceasefire talks
Russia and Ukraine set for face-to-face peace talks
Peace talks prove unsuccessful as Ukraine vows it will not surrender
Russia says 'some progress' being made in peace talks with Ukraine
Afghan delegation and Taliban to meet for peace talks in Qatar
'Solutions are possible, but we are lacking political will': Is there any hope that Israel and Palestine could reach a peace agreement?
IRA did not want Sinn Fein to get involved with backchannel peace talks with the British
Finn Russell looks set for Scotland return – but not in time for the Ireland game
Taliban say US 'will be harmed more than anyone' after Trump halts talks
'The conversation between them was excellent, they've put it right and I'm delighted'
84 dead following vicious fighting in Yemen after peace talks fail
Independent Alliance won't be travelling to North Korea
"You must do something for the children of Syria" - 7-year-old Bana writes open letter to Trump
Russia and Turkey 'have agreed to a Syria ceasefire plan'
At least 10 children have been killed in an airstrike on school in Yemen
300,000 dead, 11 million refugees, but nobody can get in a room to talk about peace
Islamic State triple bomb kills 71 as 'terrorists' in peace talks cause friction
'If these talks fail, we know what will happen - war'
Amid tensions in Jerusalem, Israel announces 1,000 new settler homes in the city
US to be involved in upcoming Northern Ireland peace talks
Ukraine expresses "careful optimism" ahead of peace talks with Russia and rebels
Palestinians flee homes with bags of clothes and mattresses as Israel raids start over
Gaza truce extended by one day within minutes of deadline
Opinion: Israel’s use of force in Gaza reflects an entrenched but unsustainable colonial logic
Gaza peace talks resume in Cairo
Five more days of peace: Israel and Hamas agree to extend ceasefire
Palestianian 11-year-old shot dead in West Bank as Israel refuses to return to peace talks
End in sight? Israel says it's safe to return to some parts of Gaza
Unionist parties all walk out of Stormont talks in protest over parade block
Ceasefire call sparks hope for peace in south-eastern Ukraine
Israeli and Palestinian leaders agree to Pope's attempt to revive peace talks
Column: We have a duty to share our peace-building skills with the world
Both sides in Syrian dispute told: 'Spend some time apart'
Google and Samsung call truce with cross-license patent deal
Dictatorship to democracy: Syrian opposition wants Assad to leave power
Despite walk-out threats, Syria foes set to meet face-to-face