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# parenting - Sunday 11 November, 2018

Opinion: The Supermum myth needs to be exposed

I can’t and won’t hide the fact that I find being Mum really tough, writes Geraldine Walsh

# parenting - Sunday 23 September, 2018

Robot babysitters and poop-predicting nappies: Here's the future of being a good parent

Sadly you’ll still have to do the actual nappy-changing yourself.

# parenting - Tuesday 18 September, 2018

'When a sick baby with partial facial paralysis smiles, it’s golden. Especially if it’s my baby'

Actor Rob Delaney has written a powerful essay about the death of his two-year-old son.

# parenting - Monday 3 September, 2018

'I won’t ever be able to understand exactly how the HPV vaccine works. So as a parent I have to trust the experts'

The desire to protect and care for your child is indescribable, writes Eric Nolan. And that means doing your best to keep them safe.

# parenting - Friday 17 August, 2018

From The Daily Edge People are describing parenting in 5 words or less, and it's as accurate as it gets 5 Words Or Less

# parenting - Friday 20 July, 2018

Aptamil says there are 'no safety issues' with milk formula after claims it made babies sick

French food group Danone, who manufacture the product, launched an investigation this month following hundreds of complaints from parents.

# parenting - Tuesday 17 July, 2018

When the baby blues don't go away: How I recognised the signs of post-natal depression PND

When the baby blues don't go away: How I recognised the signs of post-natal depression

Sheena McGinley on the overwhelming experience of new parenthood – and the moment she realised that she needed help.

# parenting - Sunday 10 June, 2018

'It's physically and mentally exhausting. I can't be off guard': The life of a single parent carer

Next week is National Carers Week, highlighting the experiences of thousands of family carers across Ireland that look their loved ones.

# parenting - Sunday 22 April, 2018

Column: 'Don’t judge a commuting parent. Smile at that noisy toddler'

I sound begrudging but the harsh looks and disapproving glances made me angry, writes Geraldine Walsh.

# parenting - Saturday 3 February, 2018

'I dread registering my child because I can't put his other parent on the birth certificate'

It breaks my heart that a member of our little family is being left out of the first document our son has to declare his status as an Irish citizen, writes Sarah Stone McDevitt.

# parenting - Friday 12 January, 2018

'People don't realise how dangerous it is for kids': Students develop alarm to stop hot car deaths

It alerts a child’s parents if they are left in a car.

# parenting - Saturday 30 December, 2017

Danish mother says she's still stung by 1997 arrest for leaving baby outside New York restaurant

The incident sparked an international debate about parenting styles.

# parenting - Wednesday 22 November, 2017

8 modern parenting worries my own mum never had to deal with

My parents didn’t care about superfoods or screen time, writes Chrissie Russell.

Don't make children hug relatives, US Girl Scouts warns parents ahead of Thanksgiving

“We know that some adults prey on children, and teaching your daughter about consent early on can help her understand her rights.”

# parenting - Wednesday 15 November, 2017

I'm having a second child. What's the best way to tell my first?

Chrissie Russell has a baby on the way and a curious three-year-old. So she asked for some expert advice.

# parenting - Wednesday 1 November, 2017

The average age for a mother to give birth in Ireland is 32.5 years old

The number of teenage mothers has fallen by 50% between 2005 and 2015.

# parenting - Tuesday 3 October, 2017

Opinion: 'An active child does not necessarily mean a fit child' PE

Opinion: 'An active child does not necessarily mean a fit child'

Unhealthy children are one of the biggest risks to a nation’s health, writes Professor Craig Williams.

# parenting - Wednesday 27 September, 2017

10 devastatingly effective white lies I've used on my kids

Well, MOSTLY devastatingly effective.

# parenting - Sunday 24 September, 2017

From The Daily Edge Chrissy Teigen asked mams to share the meanest thing their kid has ever said So Harsh

# parenting - Thursday 21 September, 2017

Poll: Would you be a stay-at-home parent if money was no object? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Would you be a stay-at-home parent if money was no object?

If money were no issue, would you prefer to spend all your time with your child?

# parenting - Monday 18 September, 2017

This is why I'm against... homework

We are all busier these days. Quality time is at a premium. Let’s get rid of the homework and build in more family activity time, writes Eric Nolan.

# parenting - Wednesday 9 August, 2017

5 never-ending arguments every couple with kids has had

There’s no winner in the endless ‘who is more tired’ row, laments Ciara McDonnell.

# parenting - Tuesday 1 August, 2017

Good news for families: Over 5,000 extra childcare places to be created

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he hopes to expand the subsidy scheme to more families in the future.

# parenting - Wednesday 26 July, 2017

The minefield of free childcare: The Grandparents Creche is great, but how do you pay the bill?

Family childcare comes at a price that can be difficult to define, writes Chrissie Russell.

# parenting - Monday 17 July, 2017

Five times more children sign up to childcare schemes aimed at less well-off families

The highest sign-up rate for childcare services was in Roscommon, Donegal, Sligo, Kerry, Galway, Carlow and Leitrim.

# parenting - Wednesday 12 July, 2017

Here's why I refuse to lie about parenting (even on Instagram)

I *could* pretend that my family life is perfect and put it on social media, writes Ciara McDonnell. But I’d be lying.

# parenting - Monday 26 June, 2017

Mums and dads, we want you: Join's Parents Panel

Share your experiences with us and earn some seriously sweet rewards in return.

# parenting - Sunday 4 June, 2017

Planning childcare for the autumn? You may qualify for these subsidies

A new universal subsidy comes into force from September.

# parenting - Thursday 11 May, 2017

HSE ordered to pay paramedic €52,000 after discrimination over care of daughter who has Down Syndrome

The WRC has ordered the HSE to pay the €52,000 in compensation to the man and provide him with a stable rostered position.

# parenting - Sunday 26 March, 2017

'With mental illness comes a different kind of mothering and different worries'

Finding that middle ground between idealistic and realistic mothering can be very difficult, writes Grace Vaughan.

# parenting - Wednesday 9 November, 2016

Relax, ignore the mess and accept help - Top tips for new parents

Put down Gina Ford, go with your gut and you’ll get through it.

# parenting - Sunday 30 October, 2016

'It's not the State's problem, it's the family's': Care system to adopt tough love approach

The chief executive of Tusla said the agency wants families to share more power and responsibility, and to “own their problems”.

# parenting - Friday 7 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge This dad's brilliant solution to keeping his triplets quiet in the car is going viral Triplet Hacks

# parenting - Tuesday 4 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge 31 questions everyone plagues you with when you've had a baby Parenting

Sabina Higgins invites 200 mothers and babies to a breastfeeding morning at the Áras

Nurses, mothers, grandmothers and children flocked towards the Áras yesterday for a breastfeeding event organised by Sabina Higgins.

# parenting - Wednesday 28 September, 2016

Dublin Airport admits that controversial breastfeeding sign "could have been worded better"

The sign was taken down shortly after being put on the door of the airport’s ‘designated baby feeding room’.

From The Daily Edge Parents are sharing the grim, grim breakfasts they eat every day, inspired by this comedian Kinderleavings

Parents are sharing the grim, grim breakfasts they eat every day, inspired by this comedian

“I had some yogurt I licked off my fingers after cleaning my son up.”

# parenting - Tuesday 16 August, 2016

From The Daily Edge A mam wrote her husband this unsparing letter before leaving him with the kids for the weekend Good F**king Luck

A mam wrote her husband this unsparing letter before leaving him with the kids for the weekend

“Dearest husband, I wanted to go over a few things with you before you embark on this weekend alone.”

# parenting - Friday 22 July, 2016

From The Daily Edge These parents came up with the most scheming of all Tooth Fairy letters Parenting

# parenting - Monday 4 July, 2016

From The Daily Edge 18 people that are basically you as a parent Parenting

18 people that are basically you as a parent

It’s a tough gig.

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