# Overdoses

Last month
January 2024
HSE forms national 'red alert' team after clusters of drug overdoses in Dublin and Cork
Each HSE region will be asked to form their own localised response teams in case dangerous batches end up on the market in their area.
No heroin found among drugs used in recent overdose clusters in Dublin and Cork, HSE finds
Naloxone will be more widely available after helping save lives in recent overdose cases
Last year
Number of overdoses linked to synthetic opioid nitazene in Cork city rises to 13
A potent synthetic opioid was found in the heroin that caused overdoses, but what are nitazenes?
HSE issues warning after cluster of heroin overdoses in Dublin city today
All time
'If cattle were dying, not humans, there would be action': Citizens' assembly on drugs delayed
At least 15 chemsex drug overdoses in Irish hospitals as over 100 seek detox treatment
Homeless organisation came across three overdoses on Dublin streets last night
A number of city centre overdoses linked to gang's toxic drug mixing in flats complex
Prescription drugs used in three out of every four overdoses
Warning about 'designer drug' after spate of overdoses in Cork and Dublin
Heroin deaths on the rise in Ireland for the first time in four years
Life-saving drugs can now be given by trained members of the public
Many of us will celebrate (or cope) this Christmas by using drink or drugs to excess
Heard of 'Zopiclone' and 'Olanzapine'? ... More and more people are dying after taking them
Estonia has the highest number of drug deaths in Europe. But why?
Shatter: MCD should apologise for 'level of disorder' at Phoenix Park gig