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Enda Kenny to accept Nobel Peace Prize today
CCTV footage shows Anders Breivik parking van at explosion scene
Anders Behring Breivik complains about “sadistic” Norwegian prison conditions
French and American scientists win Nobel Physics Prize
Nobel Prize season kicks off with medicine award
Column: Breivik's victims have been largely forgotten during his trial
The Evening Fix: Friday
Breivik says he won't appeal 21-year jail term over killings
21-year-sentence does not mean Breivik will walk free in 2033. Here's why:
Anders Behring Breivik found to be sane, sentenced to 21 years
Verdict in Breivik trial due at 9am this morning
Breivik will challenge any ruling that declares him insane
'Breivik sympathiser' arrested in Czech Republic
Norway's police chief quits after Breivik report
Oslo attack 'could have been prevented'
Norway to publish report on response to 22 July attacks
Update: US Embassy in Oslo evacuated after discovery of suspicious object
Defence argues that Breivik was sane when he carried out killings
The Daily Fix: Saturday
21 years later: Aung San Suu Kyi accepts Nobel Peace Prize
Verdict of Norway’s Breivik trial expected later this summer
Breivik judge caught playing Solitaire in court during trial
Breivik's friends reveal details of nose job and possible depression
Breivik 'won't appeal' if found sane
Man seriously injured in self-immolation outside Breivik trial
Survivors of Breivik gun attack describe shootings
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VIDEO: 40,000 people sing Anders Behring Breivik's most-hated song
Breivik blames 'racist' plot for questions over sanity
Breivik to give more evidence on details, motives of attacks
Breivik planned to decapitate former Norwegian prime minister
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Prosecutors press Breivik on 'Knights Templar'
Explainer: how the Norwegian courts operate
Breivik says he would carry out "spectacular" attack again
Anders Behring Breivik set to take stand at terror trial
VIDEO: Breivik cries as he watches his own propaganda video
Norway killer admits mass murder but claims self-defence
Trial of Norway killer Anders Breivik gets underway in Oslo