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The Dredge: Who called Kristen Stewart 'a miserable c***'?
The Dredge: Cheryl Cole has a filthy potty mouth
The Dredge: Who wants to shoot Mariah Carey?
The Dredge: Which 1990s boy band are running a cruise?
The Dredge: Rihanna gets back with Chris Brown; world is baffled
The Dredge: Christina Aguilera never made 'fat girl' comments
The Dredge: Sorry boys, she's taken... and so is she
The Dredge: Who said Ben Affleck has 'wonder sperm'?
The Dredge: Wait, Chris Brown is kissing Nicole Scherzinger now?
The Dredge: Lady Gaga is starting a revolution with semi-nudity
The Dredge: Whose bum is this?
The Dredge: Schwarzenegger's mother-in-law 'out of control'
The Dredge: Kim Kardashian is pretty sure she could be Jesus
The Dredge: Lindsay Lohan is getting used to being arrested
The Dredge: Ronan Keating has some advice for kids
The Dredge: When one is Kate Middleton, one's lawyers work for free
The Dredge: Ronan Keating has a new girlfriend called Storm
The Dredge: Rosanna Davison's breasts are an 'optical illusion'
The Dredge: Brian McFadden really doesn't like his ex-wife
The Dredge: George Clooney is single again, or he isn't
The Dredge: Kanye West really, really enjoyed Kim Kardashian's sex tape
The Dredge: Kristen Stewart is totally FINE, OK?
The Dredge: Prince Harry's kiss-and-tell is in jail now
The Dredge: Kristen Stewart's birdie-flipping finger is worn out
The Dredge: Prince Harry's party girl was really more of a woman
The Dredge: Tom Cruise says it's all lies about the toilets
The Dredge: Tom Cruise's ex 'was ordered to scrub toilets'
The Dredge: Simon Cowell is your new action hero
The Dredge: Katy Perry was e-dumped over the internet
The Dredge: Robert Pattinson is boxing up all Kristen's CDs
The Dredge: Russell Brand is smooching a Spice Girl
The Dredge: Prince Harry has something 'gigantic'
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