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Over 1,400 people waiting for drinkable tap water for more than three months
Almost 900 people across eight locations have boil water notices in place for a year or more, reports Maria Delaney of Noteworthy, our investigative platform
Over the past two years, 50 boil water and 10 do not consume notices were in place for more than a month
Water supply is impacting housing, with 42 houses refused permission in Paulstown, Co Kilkenny recently
1 in 100 bikes stolen nationwide in 2020 as Dublin and Limerick cyclists worst hit
‘Eight teens were kicking him’: Violent bike and scooter thefts up 65% last year
State spent 2.5 times more on fossil fuel subsidies than climate supports over past decade
Transparency gap: State bodies holding back company emissions data from the public
Over 3,500 on wait list for a detox bed, with over 140 residential beds still closed
Noteworthy investigations expose environmental issues and analyse far-right activity
Ireland first and only Member State to have fishing plan revoked by European Commission
Valproate scandal: Parents feel failed by State over drug that harmed their children
State warned by EU official in 2017 over eco-credentials of forestry licensing process
Closed Doors: Lack of transparency and the push to overfish in Ireland’s fishing sector
Significant enforcement problems prevail in Irish industry: Fishing's control issues
Penalty point politics: Changing positions and lobbying on fishing regulation
Endangered fish thrown away and dead whales on our shores: Fishing's ocean impact
The N6 ring road: Solution or dead end for Galway congestion crisis?
Trial by Telegram: Ireland's far right mobilising on 'privacy-first' messaging app
Online ‘doxxing’ campaigns leading to harassment and death threats
Ireland’s far-right using anti-lockdown movement to smuggle in its own agenda
Move quickly and misinform: How direct provision centres became a catalyst for far-right activism in Ireland
'Whole ditches disappearing overnight': hedgerows falling foul to larger farms
3,000 kilometres cut in three years: Ireland's hedgerow heritage at risk
What are the wider implications of Covid-19 on our overlooked health services?
Department of Health can't give timeline for rollout of publicly-funded IVF
The good, the bad and the useless: How bike infrastructure has changed in the era of Covid
The power of information with a slice of horticulture: Latest news from Noteworthy
Open Access: A citizen’s guide to uncovering housing and local information
Forestry backlog continues as licences overturned due to biodiversity concerns
Open Access: A citizen’s guide to getting the most from Freedom of Information requests
PhD rights have been ignored in new employment framework, says SIPTU
Open Access: A citizen’s guide to discovering who holds your info - and what's in there
Swimming was banned at bathing spots across Ireland for over 350 days this year
Open Access: A citizen’s guide to getting environmental info from public authorities
'Under pressure': Industry urges State to open horticultural workforce to non-EU workers
Ireland has major 'pull factor' for seasonal workers fleeing economic hardship
Growing pains: Fears for migrant workers who carry the load of Ireland's horticulture boom
Precarity in academic employment under the spotlight: Latest news from Noteworthy
Working but no workers' rights: the plight of the PhD revealed
'Doing the housework of academia': Women and minorities hardest hit by third-level working conditions
On social welfare, unable to buy a house: The reality facing Ireland's academics
Government inaction on genomics and forestry on precious peat: Latest news from Noteworthy