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'My son is not there anymore': How young people with psychosis are falling through the cracks
The earlier a person’s symptoms are treated, the better the outcome – but many people with psychosis or schizophrenia struggle to get access to care.
Karin Kenny believes her son Kielan's life would be very different if he had received early intervention for psychosis
He was previously in school but now needs full-time care and experiences weeks-long psychotic episodes
A new series by The Journal and Noteworthy will explore access to services for young people who experience psychosis
This week
25th February 2024 - 29th February 2024
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Why is our history falling into the sea?
Vandalising of monuments 'as much a concern' as climate change impact
Heritage experts warn of the effect of mindless damage as Noteworthy reveals historical sites across Ireland attacked at least 140 times in past three years.
Coastal erosion will wipe out many ancient seaside sites and monuments
Escalating storms and extreme weather caused by climate change will increase coastal erosion with many Irish landmarks unable to be saved, experts say.
A number of monuments and historical buildings already falling into the sea
Nationwide climate hazard map of threatened sites set to be launched
Government: Managed loss of history ‘must be addressed’
This month
February 2024
Ireland's voter turnout in every election is well below average compared to rest of EU
Promised interpretation standards for asylum applications not being introduced by deadline
Poor interpretation undermines asylum seekers’ credibility and delays their cases, say lawyers.
Asylum-seeker support workers expected to act as interpreters without specialist training
Experts concerned that ‘cultural mediators’ being asked to provide “interpretation services” beyond their required skill set.
Cultural mediators were introduced to speed up the asylum application process
Advocates say the lack of clarity around role risks harming asylum seekers
UN body who trains them says mediators "not legally accountable" for applications
'An utter waste': Controversial transport training centre given extra €1.5 million public money
The NTA ended up paying €3.5 million of the €7.8 million cost to develop a centre to train disabled people. The initial NTA grant was for up to €2 million.
Last month
January 2024
Unethical but legal: All the things MEPs can get away with
What is legal is not always ethical.
Integrity investigation finds 25% of Europe’s MEPs were involved in a scandal
In December 2022, police found €900,000 in alleged bribe cash stuffed in bags at the EU Parliament’s Vice President Eva Kaili’s home. How could corruption of such scale happen at the heart of the EU? Was this just one isolated incident or the tip of the iceberg?
Data collected by The Journal, Noteworthy and other European media partners reveals 3% of MEPs have been convicted by a court.
The months-long investigation unearthed 253 previously reported blemishes.
The most serious cases related to 45 corruption incidents and 44 events relating to fraud and theft.
Asylum seekers endure sub-zero temperatures on Dublin streets without tents or sleeping bags
Hospital parking charge cap further delayed
Cost review from 2018 is to be redone with no sign of when commitments made in 2020 will be met.
Noteworthy revealed last year that no progress had been made since a 2020 Programme for Government promise
The original working group had recommended that hospital parking charges be capped nationally at €10 per day
Work on new national guidance to begin in 'early 2024'
'Slaughtering the Liffey': The long battle to monitor Ireland's largest water treatment plant
Due to a quirk in planning regulations, the only agency providing oversight for discharges from the plant in Ballymore Eustace is Kildare County Council.
Last year
Country's largest drinking water treatment plant breached regulations several times in 2023
The regulator of the Uisce Éireann facility in Ballymore Eustace found there were non-compliant concentrations of chemicals discharging into the Liffey.
The plant supplies water to approximately 50% of the Dublin population
Kildare County Council continues to wait for a report into how Uisce Éireann intends to resolve highlighted issues
The company was prosecuted last summer for water pollution offences related to discharge from the plant
Clare tourism tensions continue with locals 'lobbying' against council's latest moves
There has been a growing divergence at Clare County Council’s plans to monetise different parts of the county’s offerings.
The latest flashpoint is the introduction of charges at award-winning Vandeleur Gardens
This will result in the attraction losing its Green Flag Award this spring
The council has also been accused of blatantly 'ripping off' tourists at the Cliffs of Moher
Serial clothes shoppers to be targeted in new sustainability campaign
Calls to expand government water testing as thousands flock for Christmas Day swims
Most bathing waters have not been tested by local authorities since September.
Inadequate interpretation still leading to asylum case delays
Over 100 asylum appeal hearings were postponed in 2022 due to problems with interpretation.
There are no interpretation standards or quality controls in Ireland
Lack of training and quality control have been flagged as an issue since at least 2015
These figures are ‘surprisingly high’, says expert
‘Dining on deforestation’: Irish meat and dairy may be linked to Amazon forest clearance
Soybeans, used in livestock feed in Ireland, were shipped by companies with links to destruction of endangered habitats in South America.
Noteworthy reports that Irish supermarkets have not ruled out using controversially-sourced soy
Over 20 million hectares of Brazil’s forest cover as a whole have been lost to soy production in the last 30 years
Expert: Ireland’s food systems are ‘driving environmental destruction’ in some of the world’s most endangered habitats
Bitten and broken: Dog attack victims say lax law enforcement leaves them without hope
Noteworthy investigation finds dog bite reports continue to rise across Ireland, with sheepdogs one of the most commonly reported for aggressive behaviour.
Dog attacks in some council areas have more than doubled in less than a year
Significant increase in incidents of aggressive behaviour, with one council's reports quadrupling
Experts warn owners need education, not tighter controls
Garda operation ‘under review’ as 62 migrant children missing after disappearing from State care
Hospital admissions for dog bites soar by 50%
Over 60 migrant children missing after disappearing from State care
The boys and girls – who sought protection after fleeing war-torn countries – vanished in Ireland since 2017.
Noteworthy analysis finds a large number of missing migrant children were not the subject of public garda appeals to help locate them
This year alone, 20 refugee children disappeared and remain missing from Tusla care - the highest yearly number to date
Children’s rights organisations express concerns over underage migrants and raise trafficking fears
€28 million spent on renting school prefabs last year, with similar figure to be spent this year
Journal Media wins two Headline Awards for excellence in mental health journalism
Journalists from The Journal and crowdfunded-investigative platform Northworthy won awards recognising their work covering mental health issues.
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are kids being locked out from jailed parents?
‘Children don’t deserve this’: Visiting an imprisoned parent is ‘traumatising’
‘A long way from normal’: Families say visits to prison still restricted post-pandemic
Some children only get to see their parent in-person once a month and experts are concerned that video calls are replacing visits.
Investigation by Noteworthy finds the number of children visiting prison is 75% of what it was in 2019
Less than a third of prisoners received in-person visits on weeks where data was provided in 2023
Mother-of-two: “I want my kids to know who their father is”
People across Ireland raise litany of complaints with councils about dogs running off-lead
Swimming restrictions hit over half of all Irish bathing waters this summer
Sea swimming has never been more popular but risks of pollution are also rising.
Noteworthy analysed over 1,600 restrictions from the last decade and they almost tripled over that time
Restrictions include swimming bans and warnings of pollution risk
Expert: “More needs to be done to keep the water in our rivers, lakes and beaches clean”
Your ideas are needed to help Noteworthy scrutinise political decisions
Nobody under 18 has access to early intervention psychosis services
Going to bed hungry: Parents are ‘doing without’ food as cost-of-living crisis hits
Emissions-heavy feed imports soaring to fuel dairy boom
Irish tillage being squeezed out in favour of renting land to dairy farmers
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Will home births ever be the norm in Ireland?
'Maternal request' reason for over half elective C-sections in Holles Street last year
Growing number of unassisted births happening in Ireland, say birth experts
'Unheard, belittled and made feel small': Women still battling for maternity care choice
Rural home births may be restricted as HSE stands by 30-minute distance limit