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OnlyFans founder blames ‘unfair’ banks for ban on explicit sexual content
Bishop of Waterford warns against yoga and mindfulness in schools
Klopp brands Nations League 'the most senseless competition in the world'
'I'd say he's a smashing lad to go out with, but does he win matches?'
'Fabregas was a total arse on the pitch' - Kilbane
'It's no longer football, it's turning into water polo': Buffon slams new video technology
Big Sam wants a sin bin, rather than 'utter rubbish' new retrospective bans for diving
The Weeknd cancels Jimmy Kimmel appearance over Donald Trump
'There's no place for that bolloxology. Messi should apologise for his penalty' - Dunphy
Students in Pakistan urged not to celebrate 'vulgar and indecent' Valentine's Day
Fox News presenter doubles down on Rory McIlroy "leprechaun" insult
Michael Lowry has a go at Revenue as he's cleared of tax liability
'A load of rubbish': Michael O'Leary isn't a fan of the water protests
Ex-Scotland coach says 'pretty ordinary' Joe Schmidt is not a messiah
Greek Finance Minister denies giving the middle finger to Germany
Mail apologises to George Clooney over article about his fiancée
Robert Mugabe isn't impressed with Europe's "homosexual nonsense"