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George Hook's return to Newstalk airwaves delayed until January
Complaint against George Hook rejected after he called texter a 's**t'
Presenter Sarah McInerney is leaving Newstalk
Broadcaster Chris Donoghue to leave Newstalk for government job alongside Simon Coveney
Dil Wickremasinghe addresses Newstalk departure and George Hook controversy in new podcast
BAI to write to Communicorp for a second time over station-ban on Irish Times journalists
Ciara Kelly to take over George Hook's radio slot on Newstalk
'Are public broadcasting licenses being adhered to in Communicorp stations?'
'Ross O'Carroll Kelly' barred from Spin 1038 today because of Irish Times radio ban
Dil Wickremasinghe's Newstalk show has been cancelled
Newstalk bans Irish Times journalists from its airwaves after George Hook furore
Broadcaster Ivan Yates to sue AIB
'One of the most gender blind people I've ever worked with': Ciara Kelly strongly defends George Hook
George Hook has been suspended from Newstalk
Dil Wickremasinghe will not present Newstalk show on Saturday over George Hook comments
Newstalk staff letter demands Hook be taken off air immediately
Hook apologises for rape comments: 'It was wrong to suggest any blame could be attributed to victims'
Clayton Hotels has terminated sponsorship with Newstalk over George Hook's rape comments
'A victim is never to blame': Chris Donoghue addresses Hook rape comments on Newstalk show
'I am truly sorry': Hook issues 'unreserved' apology after uproar over rape comments
'Newstalk are looking for the next Pat Kenny - if it could be female that would be great'
Communicorp reshuffle: Donoghue becomes group political editor, McInerney moves to weekends
Poll: Will you tune in to Ivan Yates' new drivetime show on Newstalk?
Gavan Reilly named as TV3's new political correspondent
Coveney's aim for no homeless families in hotels by July? Not a chance says McVerry
'It's definitely on': Battle heating up for 2FM and Today FM as pair tied for breakfast listeners
Complaint of 'derogatory' language used by Fianna Fáil leader against journalist rejected
Claim George Hook spoke about HPV vaccine in 'ill-informed and irresponsible' manner rejected
Mairéad Ronan to leave Today FM amid shakeup at Communicorp
The corporate watchdog wants to know more about INM's abandoned bid for Newstalk
'I was feeling terrible and losing weight': Down's Marty Clarke on forced retirement and 'difficult few weeks'
Ivan Yates is coming back to Newstalk
Colette Fitzpatrick to become TV3 news' new 'senior anchor'
18 more deadly female presenters on Irish radio
Denis O'Brien's Communicorp radio empire lost €3.5m last year
Your crash course in… How INM walking away from pensioners sheds light on a bigger problem
Newstalk question RTÉ's use of state funding to win exclusive GAA radio rights
RTÉ and Sky retain GAA TV rights for next five years, Newstalk lose out in radio deal
Simon Coveney: 'You don't wash your car with Ballygowan, because if you do you pay for it'
Lee Keegan: 'People say this hard luck story with Mayo, I find that bit of a farce to be honest'