# New Laws

Last year
Stalking is now a standalone offence and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison
Changes to pub licencing rules could lead to further influx of chain pubs, TDs hear
All time
Stalkers face 10 years in prison as tough new domestic violence laws to be rolled out
New law will ban hospitality 'service charges' unless cash is going straight to staff
'Kids in schools will be safer': US senate advances new gun control bill
Government approves legislation to allow drinking outside pubs and restaurants
Simon Harris: We need more measures to 'toughen up' on self-isolation for people entering country
Cabinet approves emergency Covid-19 legislation ahead of Thursday's Dáil sitting
Regulations to allow same sex parents register both their names on their child's birth cert to be signed today
Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan to seek Cabinet approval for new divorce bill
UK to officially ban use of porn websites among under-18s from July
Landlords who evict tenants because they want to sell or renovate a property could face tough sanctions
Here are just some of the government's priorities for the months ahead
Poll: Do you support the new drink-driving laws?
99 people had gender recognition certs granted last year
Justice Minister: 'I have seen many women shake with fear of not being believed by a Garda or a court'
High Court Master writes new legislation to help keep people in their homes
'This will save lives': Grieving father and husband who campaigned to change learner driver laws
Iceland to make equal pay the law for men and women
'If you're over the alcohol limit, you're over the limit': Ross wants more support for drink-driving law
Raping someone when they are asleep will now be explicitly illegal
Revenge porn perpetrators to be jailed under new laws
GSOC: 'Gardaí are damned if they do, damned if they don't'
Good news for turf cutters: New laws will allow them to work on protected bogs
14 of the best reactions to the US marriage equality decision
Undocumented and living in the US? Here's what the new immigration reforms mean for you
The RFU want to introduce bans for players and coaches if they don't do concussion courses
There's currently no obligation for doctors to have insurance but there soon will be
Gardaí will soon be able to test ‘unconscious drivers’ for drugs and drink
Prediction that Government forecast for bankruptcies could be exceeded by 100 per cent
Feek calls for calm over new scrum rules