# Nancy Pelosi

Last year
Man who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband in their home convicted of assault and attempted kidnapping
January 6 rioter who propped his feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk jailed for 4 years
Man who propped feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk during US Capitol riot found guilty
All time
US Senate passes landmark bill to protect same-sex marriage
Pelosi to step down as Speaker as Republicans set to retake US House of Representatives
Pelosi attack suspect pleads not guilty to federal charges
Nancy Pelosi opens up about attack on husband: ‘I was very scared’
Suspect in assault at Nancy Pelosi home had shared conspiracy theories online
Intruder shouted 'Where is Nancy?' before assaulting Pelosi's husband in their home
China says troops 'remain on high alert' as two US warships sail through Taiwan Strait
China launches fresh military drills around Taiwan
China's largest-ever Taiwan military drills draw to a close
China sanctions US House speaker Nancy Pelosi over Taiwan visit
Missiles fired by China 'believed to have landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone'
27 Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan's air defence zone following Pelosi visit, Taipei says
US House passes bills to protect abortion access but Senate approval unlikely
Nancy Pelosi comments on Northern Ireland Protocol slammed as ‘unhelpful’ by DUP
Russian defence ministry says 80 Mariupol civilians have been handed over to UN or Red Cross
Nancy Pelosi tests positive for Covid-19
Irish dancing, stout and a poem by Bono: US St Patrick's Day carries on without 'unlucky Taoiseach'
Nancy Pelosi says she's going to run for 19th term in office
Coveney to discuss Northern Ireland and Brexit issues as he meets Pelosi in Washington
Taoiseach speaks of 'undying friendship' between Ireland and US in virtual meeting with Joe Biden
Pelosi says Congress will set up independent commission to examine Capitol riot
Support grows for Capitol riot inquiry after Trump acquittal
Trump impeachment article to be sent to US Senate today
Article of impeachment against Donald Trump to be brought to US Senate on Monday
House Republicans who helped Capitol Hill rioters could be prosecuted - Pelosi
US House of Representatives to consider Trump impeachment
A four-page impeachment bill says Trump "gravely endangered the security of the United States".
A "technical error" on a US government website temporarily said that Trump had left office.
Acting US Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has resigned amid concerns of more violence at Biden's inauguration.
Nancy Pelosi speaks with US military chief on preventing Trump nuclear strike
Trump, Pence, Pelosi: How does the presidential line of succession work?
Trump to defy Biden as he says he'll announce Supreme Court nominee by the end of the week
Nancy Pelosi calls House of Representatives back from summer break to vote on protecting the postal vote
Police officer charged with killing of George Floyd appears in court
Taoiseach thanks US House Speaker for Brexit position: 'Nancy Pelosi's words matter'
Trump refuses to shake Pelosi's hand, then she rips up his speech
The prosecutors for Donald Trump's impeachment trial next week have been unveiled
Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump likely to begin next Tuesday
Larry Donnelly: Trump re-election in 2020 not a done deal, but Democrats face an uphill battle
White House believes Nancy Pelosi will 'yield' on impeachment delay