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Friday 24 March 2023 Dublin: 11°C

# Monkey Business

Last month
February 2023
# Monkey Business
Man who stole two monkeys from Dallas Zoo arrested after visiting city aquarium
The two missing monkeys were discovered in an abandoned home 25 kilometres away.
Last year
# Monkey Business
Monkey killed in Japan after injuring nearly 50 people
City officials have been trying for weeks to track down a vicious gang of monkeys.
All time
Gardaí seize guns, drugs and George the monkey during gangland searches in Dublin
The raids were carried out this morning.
# Monkey Business
Ice pops and mud baths: Keeping Dublin Zoo's residents cool in the heatwave
Lounging by the pool is an activity all mammals seem to enjoy.
# Monkey Business
In Malaysia you can send your macaque to a school where it learns how to pick fruit
For a small fee people across the country send their macaques to the famed school.
# Monkey Business
Scores of monkeys are wrongly being killed in Rio in a yellow fever panic
Mosquitoes are actually, in fact, those who transmit the yellow fever virus, not monkeys.
# Sucking diesel
Volkswagen suspends lobbyist after reports researchers made monkeys inhale diesel fumes
The monkeys were watching cartoons at the time.
# freeeeedddommmmmm
Paris zoo reopens after 50 escaped baboons found
The breakout was first noticed by a zoo worker, who saw the animals gathering in a service corridor.
# Monkey Business
Using monkeys and apes in film and TV is 'misleading' millions of viewers
A third of people surveyed think that chimpanzees are not endangered because they star in films and TV shows often.
# monkey see monkey sue
British photographer wins court battle over monkey selfie
Peta had argued that the monkey called Naruto owned the copyright to the photo.
# Monkey Business
'Where does it end?': Selfie-taking monkey at centre of copyright lawsuit
Pictures taken by the monkey ended up in a wildlife book.
# Monkey Business
Elderly monk on the run as Thai police investigate multi-million euro scam
Police found a 1.5 kilometre tunnel, split into two routes, dug under the UFO-like temple that dominates the site.
# Monkey Business
Preparations underway to try contraceptive gel on men after it worked with monkeys
The gel has proven effective in rabbits and now also in rhesus monkeys – more closely related and anatomically similar to humans.
# Monkey Business
Research reveals 'highly unusual' behaviour of male monkey trying to have sex with female deer
The study is only the second on the phenomenon of inter-species sex.
# Monkey Business
How one rescued chimp inspired an entire 100-acre sanctuary
The story of Bruno is more than just a tale of man rescues chimp. It changed the way people think about conservation in a country blighted by poor development.
# Monkey Business
Don't fly your drone near chimps, or bad things will happen
Primates not putting up with your sh*t – this chimp.
# Monkey Business
These male monkeys like hanging out with the lads
Scientists have observed the behaviour in the rhesus macaque species.
# Monkey Business
Two monkeys have escaped from Belfast Zoo and are running wild
We still don’t know how they broke out.
# monkey selfie
Woman tries to take a selfie with a monkey, fails spectacularly
As expected.
# Monkey Business
Ah nothing, just a little monkey having a shower in a sink
Water charges or no, she’s getting clean.
# Monkey Business
Staff at this Roscommon hotel are taking VERY good care of this lost teddy
Can we be left behind here, please?
# Monkey Business
India hires men dressed as monkeys to scare off real monkeys
“Very talented” monkey impersonators are being paid to scare marauding monkeys from buildings in Delhi.
# Monkey Business
Dublin Zoo celebrates arrival of (very cute) baby Goeldi's monkey
The tiny monkey has been keeping so close to its mother that zookeepers don’t know yet if it is male or female.
# Monkey Business
Watch as a male tamarin at Dublin Zoo adopts marmoset babies
The emotions. So many emotions.
# Monkey Business
Four out of five stolen monkeys returned to Blackpool Zoo
Unfortunately, the youngest tamarin was not found.
# Monkey Business
Chat show host teases monkey and gets a slap in return
Just give the monkey the damn grapes.
# Monkey Business
Our chimps are NOT on the pill, say Dublin Zoo
The zoo has denied reports that female chimps were using contraceptives.
# Monkey Business
One year on, we remember the IKEA monkey
Where is Darwin now? Has he grown out of his little coat?
# Monkey Business
Baboon fondles reporter on live TV, is delighted with himself
He’s some cheek.
# Monkey Business
The mystery of the traumatised baboons at a Dutch zoo
“They became panicked at the end of the day on Monday, they were hysterical, not jumping around but behaving strangely”.
# Monkey Business
VIDEO: Orangutan rips t-shirt off tourist...
…and wears it on his head.
# Monkey Business
US Army's Tojo the Monkey gets his own statue in Cork
Have you heard the one about the flying fortress and the monkey?
# Monkey Business
Iran's space monkey doesn't look happy
This little guy is the Yuri Gagarin of Iran’s monkeys. He looks pretty unhappy about that, though.
# Monkey Business
Monkey found at Ikea... wearing nice warm coat and nappy
It was described as a “smart monkey”.
# Work Can Wait
It's Friday, so here's a slideshow of macaques from around the world
It feels like Fridays were made for ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ over cute macaques and their antics.
# Monkey Business
Man caught trying to board plane with monkey in his pants
# Oxegen
No humps for Fergie at Oxegen as band labels own song "rubbish"
Black Eyed Peas ditch “most annoying song of all time” from their Oxegen play list.
# Monkey Business
Escaped chimp attacks US police car (video)
Three-hundred-pound animal smashed cop’s windscreen after climbing onto the bonnet.