# Misinformation

This month
February 2024
Welfare payments, immigration and throuples: The false claims being made about the March referendums
Voters will go to the polls in the two referendums a month from today.
False claims circulating include that a Yes vote will negatively affect mothers.
Misinformation has also been spread about polygamy, and about changes to child benefit.
Independent legal experts say the proposed changes are symbolic and will have little impact in law.
'It's all about the loser': Australia has some advice for Ireland's new electoral commission
Last month
January 2024
Meta would only meet politicians if Oireachtas hearing was private (but here's what they said anyway)
Three new anti-immigrant parties have registered to stand in Irish elections - but who are they?
Ireland has never elected a candidate from a far-right party.
Tom Felle: Toxic language around migration is not unique to Ireland - it's playing out globally
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AI-driven misinformation biggest global risk ahead of major elections, according to WEF report
Conor McGregor: Is the UFC's biggest star becoming a poster boy for Ireland's far-right?
The 35-year-old has hinted at a run for the presidency.
Conor McGregor: Is the UFC's biggest star becoming a poster boy for Ireland's far-right?
Professional misconduct allegations against HSE physio who made false claims about Covid-19 upheld
Last year
Tánaiste says 'no easy answers' to immigration question, but 'no one can take law into their own hands'
Tánaiste accepts need to address people’s fears about immigration with evidence-based approach
European Commission: 'No evidence' that far-right used Irish language online during riots
Debunked: Gardaí have not installed 'watch towers' on O'Connell Street after riots in Dublin
TDs photographed with far-right figures are 'laundering conspiracy theories', Dáil warned
Dublin riots: How a mob in the capital turned to looting, arson and calls to kill
Elon Musk's X sues media non-profit over portrayal of site as full of antisemitism
Major analysis shows how Irish disinformation ecosystem has been 'co-opted by far-right actors'
Ireland “a victim of Russian disinformation”, experts on Ukraine war say
YouTube to regulate 'synthetic' content amid fears that AI is spreading misinformation and scams
EU opens disinformation probes into Meta and TikTok over spread of Israel-Hamas content
FactCheck: Misleading claims about sex education found on leaflets about the SPHE curriculum
EU extends warning about disinformation surrounding Israel-Hamas war to YouTube bosses
TikTok dismantles operation that targeted Irish users with 'divisive views' on nationalism
Tom Clonan: There is a real danger now of serious injuries or fatalities at a far-right protest
Major internet companies not doing enough to combat misinformation, report finds
Inside Ireland's culture war on gender: Why there's more debate on trans issues than ever before
Debunked: Incompatible athlete death stats continue to be used to mislead about vaccines
Debunked: No, a factory in England is not growing human meat for consumption
Elon Musk has 'ambivalent' stance on misinformation and harassment, ex-Twitter safety chief claims
A global summit on combatting misinformation starts today - sign up here for updates
Opinion: When it comes to news trust, AI presents both opportunities and risks
Meta unveils framework for combatting online deception campaigns
'It's relentless': The toll of online abuse on community groups supporting asylum seekers
FactCheck newsletter: Despite Covid's lessons about fake news, history is now repeating itself
The 15-minute city: how Ireland's conspiracy theorists grew to fear an urban planning concept
Social media companies aren't doing enough to remove misinformation about migrants, Harris says
Debunked: There is no evidence that more 15-year-olds are dying of heart attacks due to vaccines
Working group established to counter spread of 'false and harmful' disinformation
'We must reclaim the streets from the far-right': Ballymun planning events to welcome refugees