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Former Trump official says the US stopped a nuclear war between India and Pakistan in 2019
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Trump sacks State Department inspector general who recently began investigating Mike Pompeo
Trump's Secretary of State claims there's 'enormous evidence' that coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab
US turns down extradition request for woman charged with causing Harry Dunn's death
Mike Pompeo postpones Ukraine trip after attack on US embassy in Iraq
Pompeo to travel to Ukraine later this week ahead of Trump's impeachment trial
Coveney condemns 'illegal' Israeli settlements in wake of US policy u-turn
US will no longer consider Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories illegal
US and EU warn of 'danger of Russia and China' on Berlin Wall anniversary
Trump’s envoy to Ukraine resigns as impeachment gathers pace
Mike Pompeo subpoenaed to hand over Ukraine-Trump files in impeachment probe
US says 'Iranian attack' on Saudi oil facilities was 'act of war'
'Maximum lying': Iran hits back after US pins blame over Saudi oil attacks
US to seek free-trade agreement with UK 'at the earliest possible time' after it leaves EU
US blames Russia over ending of a major Cold War-era nuclear arms deal
Several bombs explode in Bangkok as Mike Pompeo visits
Simon Coveney is travelling to the US today - this is what he'll be up to
Saudi Arabia admits missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi died in 'fistfight' in Turkish consulate
US gives Saudi Arabia 'a few more days' in journalist probe as Treasury Secretary withdraws from summit
Pompeo hails 'productive' talks with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang
Denuclearisation: US ready to begin negotiating with North Korea 'immediately'
North Korea criticises US for acting with 'alarming' impatience on denuclearisation issue
'You will suffer the consequences': Donald Trump warns Iran over threatening US
Nuclear talks: US says they were productive, North Korea reckons American attitude was 'extremely regrettable'
Trump sends Pompeo back to North Korea to flesh out nuclear disarmament promise
'Kim Jong Un understands': US sets out terms for North Korea to give up nuclear arsenal
US diplomat suffers brain injury after hearing 'abnormal' sound while working in China
'A good relationship was formed': Trump confirms CIA chief met Kim Jong Un in North Korea
CIA chief secretly met Kim Jong-un
Ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lashes out at Russia in final remarks