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Five arrested over migrant drowning incident
LÉ Niamh arrives in Sicily carrying 367 people saved by the Irish crew
More than 1,000 migrants have tried to pass through the Channel tunnel in 48 hours
Irish truck drivers face threats from migrants with 'iron bars, broken bottles and machetes'
LÉ Niamh disembarks 14 bodies found on overcrowded barge
Hungary used convicts to build a giant fence to keep people out of the country
A migrant has died trying to reach Britain through the Channel Tunnel
LÉ Eithne to be recalled from Mediterranean in a month's time
Irish Naval ship LÉ Eithne has rescued another 113 migrants off the coast of Libya
'The Mediterranean will become Europe's graveyard'
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Plan to send naval 'boat-destroyer' force against Mediterranean people smugglers
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We're sending the LÉ Eithne to help tackle the migrant crisis
Taoiseach: 'The equivalent of three jumbo jets were lost in the Mediterranean'
The internet responded to Katie Hopkins calling migrants "cockroaches" by raising £25,000 to rescue them
"To send them back is another way of killing them"
Ireland WILL be taking in more refugees - but Charlie Flanagan's not saying how many