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# Mental Illness

This year
Opinion: Talking about mental health is fine but isn't it time we discussed mental illness?
CEO of Shine mental health charity Nicola Byrne says the more we discuss mental illness openly, the less stigma we will see.
Last year
'I had people fighting for me': PJ Gallagher opens up about his experience with mental illness
The actor and comedian spent several months in hospital last year after experiencing debilitating anxiety.
All time
'Everything just stopped making sense' - Gigi Buffon on his depression
The Italian goalkeeper says he once missed a match due to a panic attack.
'The de facto detained are still there': Voluntary patients still held without review due to delays in law reform
Three years ago the government committed to overhauling Ireland’s mental health laws – we’re still waiting.
Column: Would you know how to respond to a mental health emergency?
Last year, Ireland became one of the most recent countries to launch an official mental health first aid training programme, writes Dr Stephen McWilliams.
Experiences of acute mental illness: 'I just wasn’t there'
Photovoice was developed by two researchers in the 1990s as a tool for giving voice to groups who have been traditionally marginalised, writes Dr Maria Quinlan.
Alcoholism: 'Dad, I don’t blame you. I never have'
This is a letter to my father, on how his disease has affected me, and how much I love him.
Column: 'I live with schizophrenia without taking any medication, but I'm an exception'
People who are on medication for any kind of mental health problem, don’t take meds because they want to, they take them because they have to, writes Nicola Hynds.
'One patient told me she overheard a member of staff referring to her as "just a psychiatric case"'
Our health service must place a greater priority on the physical healthcare needs of people with mental illness, writes Dr Stephen McWilliams.
"We have always found ways to lock up mentally ill people": The disturbing history of Irish asylums
A new book on the evolution of Irish psychiatry has been written by Irish psychiatrist Brendan Kelly.
Christmas with depression: 'Even putting on clothes can be hard when there’s a lingering dark cloud'
Depression is, by its very nature, an inward-looking thing, talking to other people, opening up about what you are going through can only be helpful, writes Úna-Minh Kavanagh.
'I told my date that I had depression and he laughed and told me I was just lazy'
Natalie Marr looks at the stigma surrounding depression and other mental health problems
Shooting suspect with 'Martian master race' manifesto arrested at White House
Kyle Odom, a former Marine from Idaho, has a history of mental illness.
People are thanking The Rock for opening up about his depression
“I wish I had someone at that time who could just pull me aside and say, ‘Hey, it’s going to be okay.’”
Donald Trump says gun laws are not to blame for Oregon shooting
The presidential hopeful said he felt that mental health issues were the bigger issue.
This kids' t-shirt has gotten Next in a lot of bother on Twitter
People were concerned that the slogan put out a negative message about mental illness.
US psychiatrists worry shootings will set back efforts to destigmatise mental illness.
“Most people who suffer from mental illness are not violent,” said one expert.
Dublin man has jail time increased after calling judge "a dirt bird"
The man, who has a chronic mental illness, was jailed for harassing a couple.
Do you think schools should ban homework to reduce depression? One UK school is thinking about it
The school is also introducing meditation classes and giving students further to walk between lessons.
Opinion: Why don't we have big campaigns for mental health?
Why do people develop mental illnesses? Why are some more susceptible that others? What treatment is best? There’s still so much we don’t know – and we really need to find out.
'No matter how blue the water or high the palm tree': Even paradise is no escape from mental illness
Sean Nee suffers from depression and anxiety. Some days are great, but on the bad days even the ideal surroundings cannot tip the scales.
Opinion: Some of the everyday struggles people with mental illnesses face in Ireland
It has taken me a long time not to see myself as a ‘failure’ for having this illness.
Opinion: We've seen an outburst in mental illness ads – but people still don’t talk.
I know I am too scared to tell people what’s really going on. I’m scared of what they will think.
How much does cyberbullying really contribute to teen suicide?
The government has been focusing its attention on cyberbullying after high profile teen suicides but one clinical psychologist who works with troubled teens said it rarely contributes significantly.
Porn actor pleads not guilty to killing and dismembering student
Luka Rocco Magnotta had fled to Europe after the killing, and was recognised in a Berlin internet café.
Living with a 'black dog': An animated guide you really should watch
This poignant and beautiful video has some brilliant advice.
Opinion: Robin Williams' death is a tragedy we should learn from – reach out to someone. Today.
Ask someone how they’re doing today, and listen – really listen – to the answer.
Opinion: I was hurting inside but was worried I'd be seen as a weirdo, a freak, if I spoke up
After suffering in silence with a mental illness for many years, I finally realised that I had nothing to be ashamed of.
Opinion: We chat, we laugh, and sometimes I cry. Talking is good.
I have bipolar disorder and have been assigned a nurse to talk with. I have kept one promise from the first day I went to visit her: no lies, none.
Opinion: Six weeks ago I went to hospital, threatening to hurt myself. I was sent home.
I have clinical depression and presented myself to hospital on my GP’s request. The doctor deemed me to be “stressed”, wrote me prescription and sent me home, alone.
Column: Cinema's enduring fascination with mental disorders can be a force for good
Negative and inaccurate depictions of those living with mental health problems has led to misunderstanding and fear, but there is hope on the horizon.
Drug and alcohol abuse leading to care proceedings for children
The latest report on child care law shows that the Child & Family Agency failed in its applications for care orders in three cases.
Column: A year ago, I walked out of work on the brink of the worst depression of my life
I work full time, I have young kids, and I also have a mental illness. Living with depression is never going to be easy but I’m getting better – and that’s because I’m being open and unashamed about it, writes Fiona Kennedy.
Column: People using mental health services should be active participants in their own care
We need recovery-oriented services for mental health which involves the input not just of doctors, but of the individual and the community, writes Dr Shari McDaid.
Column: Nobody ever chooses to be homeless – this government is pushing people to the brink
Access to health services is key to leaving homelessness behind – which is why Budget 2014 is so damaging to the Government’s commitment to end long-term homelessness by 2016, writes Niamh Randall.
Column: The power of the internet can help mental health
The internet provides a platform to promote positive mental health at an unprecedented scale while reaching out to those who need support through tough times, writes Derek Chambers.
Business people avoid discussing mental health due to fear of appearing weak
The SFA is urging employers in small businesses to address mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.
Column: Now, more than ever, we need to Mind Our Men
Today is a day for appreciating and spoiling the men in our lives – but, with the rate of male suicide in Ireland continuing to rise, we also need to look out for their mental health now more than ever, writes Joan Freeman.
Column: Depression thrives on secrecy and isolation – it’s time to speak out
Depression is a terrible burden to carry alone. If you have depression, start small by telling a few close friends about your illness – the relief can be immeasurable, writes Fiona Kennedy.
One third of people with bipolar disorder unable to work - report
Around 40,000 people in Ireland have bipolar disorder, but many were only diagnosed after experiencing symptoms for between 2 and 3 years.