# Mass Graves

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EU calls for war crimes tribunal over mass graves found in Ukraine
Ukrainian official says 99% of bodies exhumed in Izyum have 'signs of violent death'
Spain moves ahead with bill to honour victims of Franco dictatorship
'Today is about Tuam': Catherine Corless commends Zappone for appointing experts to investigate burial site
Second excavation gets underway into alleged mass grave at Mother and Baby home
Syrian rebels accused of 'executing 21 civilians' in Aleppo
Anonymous tip leads Mexico police to 32 bodies and 4 human heads in mass graves
Iraq forces find mass grave in area recaptured from ISIS
'I don't know if my child's been buried' - Images show possible mass graves after Burundi killings
Mass graves containing hundreds of soldiers found in Iraqi city
Identifying victims of Argentina's 'Dirty War'
Syria: Dozens of bodies filmed as opposing sides blame each other for massacre
Thousands of bodies buried in unmarked graves in Kashmir
Syria denies anti-regime protesters were buried in mass graves
Mass grave of anti-regime protesters found in Syria, local residents say
Iran digs mass graves for US troops