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Justice Minister 'cannot say at this stage' if Callinan's pension will be cancelled
'There's a risk we'll remember this whole episode as a case of two bad, and one good cop'
Government seeks advice on pursuing Callinan and Taylor for legal damages
Commissioner 'reviewing' decision to fund Callinan's legal defence in McCabe case
Garda Superintendent David Taylor has been suspended following the Charleton report
'Thou shalt not escape calumny': A literary Charleton invokes Shakespeare in searing Tribunal report
Disclosures Tribunal finds Martin Callinan and former press officer ran 'campaign' against Maurice McCabe
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He said, he said: The 'blackening' of Maurice McCabe? Or the smear campaign that never existed?
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Evidence of four witnesses should be disregarded, Disclosures Tribunal told
'Maurice McCabe was deeply unhappy with it. Nóirín O'Sullivan was unhappy with it. So be it'
Paul Reynolds says that Taylor's claims of smear campaign 'just doesn't make sense'
'A total fantasy': Irish Times journalist dismisses Taylor's account of smear campaign
Retired garda says it would've been 'out of character' for Callinan to say such nasty things about McCabe
The 'whispering campaign' and the 'Grudge' Tribunal: Where did these McCabe rumours come from?
Philip Boucher-Hayes says that Callinan told him McCabe had done 'horrific things... the worst kind'
Former Sunday Independent editor: "He came back to the office and said: 'He's a paedophile'"
O'Sullivan says she 'didn't trust' David Taylor and was 'surprised' he got top press office job
'How could they have come up with that?... You very seriously disparaged Maurice McCabe to their faces'
Callinan says that TD's claim he said McCabe sexually abused family members is a 'falsehood'
McCabe's name was 'blackened'... but what now that the smear campaign claims aren't backed up?
'He told me McCabe was a troubled individual and had a lot of psychological issues and psychiatric issues.'
Shatter tells Tribunal that dealing with McCabe's claims was like 'sinking in quicksand'
'Maurice I have to be honest with you - there was a campaign against you and I was part of it'
'He was driven by revenge': Alleged narrative senior gardaí accused of using against Maurice McCabe
No files on 'privileged' garda systems labelling McCabe a 'target' or a 'suspect', Tribunal told
Former garda press office boss 'got a buzz' from doing job, colleague tells Tribunal
Only three of 15 senior garda phones handed over to Disclosures Tribunal
'Really, really, really strange' that Callinan would draft letter for solicitor Gerald Kean, Tribunal hears
Top civil servant says he and Martin Callinan were 'concerned' by Maurice McCabe's whistleblowing
'I believe he used me' - Gerald Kean says Martin Callinan spoke to him before RTÉ appearance
This is what a TD says he wrote down after meeting Martin Callinan in a car park
'It would be hard to invent a story like that': Maurice McCabe finishes evidence at Tribunal
'Horrific', 'destroyed me', 'bury him': An emotional Maurice McCabe gives his side of the story
Martin Callinan's 'disgusting comment' led to 'open season' on Maurice McCabe
The Tribunal will look at the scandal that almost brought the government down this week
Did Martin Callinan order a smear campaign on McCabe? And did Nóirín O'Sullivan know about it?
We should have a new Garda Commissioner by summer 2018