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Sunday 26 March 2023 Dublin: 8°C

# Mars

All time
# gimme
This new Twix chocolate spread looks absolutely delicious
Our toast will never be the same.
# The Red Planet
WATCH: Spacecraft blasts off in new mission to search for life on Mars
The key goal is to analyse methane, a gas which is created in large by living microbes.
# put down the chocolate
Even more batches of Mars chocolate bars and Celebrations are being recalled
Mars have now included additional batches of Mars, Milky Way, Snickers and Celebrations:
# total recall
Mars is recalling a load of chocolate bars and boxes of Celebrations in Ireland
The main recall is happening in Germany and the Netherlands after a piece of plastic was found in a product.
# astro spud
NASA wants to grow genetically modified potatoes on Mars
The spuds will first be tested at the International Potato Center in Peru.
# free mars
These photos are our first glimpse of the incredible tall sand dunes of Mars
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has been on the red planet since 2012 and has just sent back these incredible, never-before-seen, photos.
Quiz: Can you tell if these photos are from Mars or Earth?
Trickier than you might imagine.
# Red Planet
Flowing water has been seen on Mars
And water could mean life.
# kaboom
The billionaire hoping to send men to Mars says we'll need to nuke it first
If we want to live there that is.
# inside the dome
International team begins year-long 'Mars isolation'
The men and women will spend their days eating food like powdered cheese and canned tuna, and will only go outside in a spacesuit.
# crowdfunding
A woman fined for stealing a Mars bar has been given nearly €20,000 to pay it
The internet can be nice. Sometimes.
# into the beyond
This space suit isn't from a new sci-fi movie. NASA astronauts might wear this to Mars
For the first time since 1982, NASA is in the process of testing new space suit prototypes.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you think the Mars One project will succeed?
Bas Lansdorp denied the project is a sham.
# waste of space
The Mission to Mars is a complete sham...
… according to the Irish physicist who was selected to take part.
# Chocolate
There'll be something different about Mars bars in Ireland from October
The well-loved bars are going Fairtrade…
Next phase: Irish 'Mars One' hopeful Dr Joseph Roche has made the final 100
50 men and 50 women have been named in the final 100 this morning. The high cost of the mooted mission precludes the option of a return trip.
# Mars Attracts
A robot missing since 2003 has been found on Mars
Beagle 2 has been missing since it was due to land on Mars on Christmas Day 2003.
# aliens
Nasa isn't ruling out 'methane burps' as evidence of life on Mars
However, it could also mean that life once existed. It could also disappointingly be from another source.
# splash-land
Orion: A successful Planet Earth landing for NASA's latest test-flight
The craft flew further and faster than any capsule built for humans since the Apollo moon program — 42 years ago.
'Get your ass to Mars': Buzz Aldrin wants humans to permanently occupy Mars
The second man to land on the Moon said those that travel to Mars shouldn’t envisage that they will ever return to Earth.
# Totally Worth It
The Rosetta probe comet landing cost us... €3.50 each
Hmm, that’s OK then.
# powdering through
A huge comet that's as solid as a pile of talcum powder just buzzed by Mars
The comet, known as Siding Spring, whizzed past Mars yesterday. Three NASA spacecraft had to take shelter behind the Red Planet as the close encounter took place.
# Prime Numbers
John Grisham, college fees, and Facebook: The week in numbers
Plus: How much has Mark Zuckerberg donated to the fight against Ebola?
# Exploration
Remember those people who want to live on Mars? They'd die after 68 days
It’s hardly worth the air miles.
# success
The US and Russia tried it but India is the first country to enter Mars on its first attempt
Indian Prime Minister Nahendra Modi said “this is better than the cricket team.”
# nearest neighbour
After hitting the brakes from 10,000 mph, Nasa's newest Mars orbiter is circling the red planet
Maven is joining a growing number of probes observing Mars from above.
# Space race
'It's not like Star Trek': This is a big weekend for NASA's plans to land a human on Mars
The MAVEN spacecraft, a scout for human explorers, is approaching the red planet
# lively on mars
'The far frontier': NASA Curiosity rover makes it to Martian mountain
“The scientific sequel is upon us.”
# The Sky at night
Look up! We'll be able to see a cyanide-releasing green comet today
Comet Jacques will be visible in the skies over Ireland this weekend, emitting a green cyanide trail.
# Life on Mars
NASA aims to produce oxygen on Mars with 2020 rover experiment
As part of experiments carried out by NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, researchers will look at whether Martian air could be converted for astronauts to breathe.
# Off-Road
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity breaks off-world driving record
The ten-year old rover managed to travel 40.24km since it landed on Mars in 2004, beating the record originally set back in 1973.
# Solar Flare Snared
NASA captures stunning footage of rare solar flare
The remarkable event was filmed by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory.
# parachute failure
Nasa's 'flying saucer' tests new Mars-landing technology
It involves a Supersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator, but you knew that, right?
# Prime Numbers
Mars, Luiz Suarez, and property prices: The week in numbers
Plus: What was the average temperature around the world last month?
# greetings earthlings
Curiosity Rover celebrates first year on Mars with an obligatory selfie
“This is me at work #busy #casualTuesday #cantwaittilpayday”
# a mars a day
Look up! We'll have the best view of Mars in two years tonight
Hello there, Red Planet.
# Holiday Plans
How long could a human survive on Mars wearing only jeans and a t-shirt?
Clue: Not very long.
# the wrong stuff
A third of the 'Mars One' hopefuls have dropped out ... but all three Irish candidates still in the running
Over 300 people have dropped out of contention for the Mars One project, due to medical or other personal reasons.
# hair towel thing
Men try desperately to understand women's beauty secrets
Step one: foundation. Step two: make up.
# to boldly go
"An adventure of a lifetime.." This Irish doctor's also on the shortlist to go to Mars
Dr Catherine McGrath joins Trinity scientist Joseph Roche and Cork-based IT engineer Steve Menaa on the list of Irish-based candidates for the ambitious ‘Mars One’ project.