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'I certainly know what this disaster means to people' - Steven Gerrard on 50th anniversary of Ibrox tragedy
'You'll think it's the end of your business - but it won't be': Two sisters write a letter to their pre-pandemic selves
'He had turned down Aston Villa but decided Cardiff was the correct choice'
'He felt good about Ireland without thinking about the consequences. He was very poorly at the time'
‘I had to take unpaid leave to play in the Champions League’ – The life of an Irish female footballer
'As I walked into the room, Paisley says, ‘Grobble-de-jack, would you like to play for Liverpool?’'
'We had just been in close contact with the Atlético players and probably 60 others'
'He said, 'The Curragh was off today but then again, horses are valuable'' - preparing for Christmas in Croker
'When things weren’t working out for him at Liverpool, he showed his real character'
'How was I meant to know where someone who tested positive was sat?' - Aaron Connolly on plane drama
Lewis Hamilton recalls the death of Ayrton Senna ahead of first F1 race at Imola
'You've a bit of imposter syndrome beside Cian Healy or Johnny Sexton, guys you've been watching for years'
Joining Manchester United at 16, glory in Ireland and the 'rollercoaster' of management
'It came on BBC News: 'In Ireland today, a team of postmen, butchers and bakers drew 0-0 with AC Milan''
'They were just like: "You can’t make the team. You have to be an Irish citizen’"
'As I got older, I felt English, I felt like I could get into the England team' - Jack Grealish
Alexis Sanchez says he asked about an Arsenal return after first Man United training session
‘When the word lesbian was iterated on the podium, I heard laughter in the audience’
'This is a goal that probably changes the history of Irish football'
I needed Jose Mourinho’s help to escape Tottenham ‘torture’, reveals Luka Modric
'As soon as I made that choice for America, my ambition to wear the Irish shirt was taken off me'
Dylan Hartley: ‘I’d had enough of being governed by Eddie Jones’
Quiz: How well do you recall the 2012-13 Premier League season?
'Stephen Kenny was always available to call into an 80th-birthday party... Down-to-earth things like that'
'As time goes by, a lot of Dunfermline fans are thinking: "We should have given him more time'"
Best moment? Worst signing? Our writers review the 2019-20 Premier League season
The story of the bitter civil war that divided Irish cycling and impacted the 1972 Olympics
‘I put the phone down three times’: Crazy Gang at Wimbledon, Big Jack and Phelan's Ireland break
Hirings, firings and boardroom rows: The rise and fall of Ireland's version of The Apprentice
'When I found rugby, I found my self-esteem, my sense of worth'
'Now let's go live to the Mullingar one-legged race': Whatever happened to the RTÉ People in Need Telethon?
'It was a tough time trying to decide: Do I give up my work for the love of representing my country?'
'We lost because we were so dazzled by the wonder of their kit that we couldn’t possibly concentrate'
'I needed a f****** nuclear meltdown, and I got it' - Armstrong remains defiant in ESPN documentary
5 big picture takeaways from the 2013 All-Ireland Final between Dublin and Mayo
Rory McIlroy 'probably wouldn't' golf again with Trump
'The rush home after school to read Ceefax pages 302–312... This was my generation’s internet'
Quiz: How well do you remember the Premier League 1999-2000 season?
'The FA have a lot to answer for. It was very naive of them to say that women couldn't play football'
'The club's view is that you shouldn't sign him at all' - Roy Keane's bumpy road to stardom