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Last year
Minister calls on Pepper to be 'absolutely clear' with customers about new fixed mortgage interest rate
Outdated information put on over 20,000 credit reports due to Central Bank error
All time
Personal loans up significantly for home improvements, while decreasing for car purchases
Fraud websites offering fast loans target vulnerable people ahead of Christmas, gardaí warn
Central Bank issues warning about four unauthorised firms offering loans
Central Bank issues warning to 4 unauthorised firms offering loans
New Central Bank rules mean moneylenders must place warnings on high interest loans
Taoiseach meets with five major banks to discuss Covid-19
€1bn worth of supports announced for businesses, with a push to get companies to sell online
Poll: Should moneylenders include 'tobacco-style' warnings in ads for high-cost loans?
Taoiseach says he didn’t realise his mortgage could be sold on by his bank when he took it out in 2003
Councils no longer operating loan scheme to help struggling homeowners with repairs
New State lender to give cash to small developers to build homes for first-time buyers
Mortgage-holders caught up in PTSB loan sale to be invited to tell of the turmoil it has caused
Calls for Dáil to be recalled after PTSB sell thousands of home loans to vulture fund
PTSB sells thousands of home loan mortgages to vulture fund
18,000 overcharged business accounts: Ulster Bank admits some customers complained five years ago
Irish economy is growing substantially but Brexit 'poses major threat'
You can now view your own credit report for loans over €500
PTSB chief refuses to appear before Finance Committee next week over loan sale
Dealing with a vulture fund - how these families have coped
Minister concedes homeowners who engaged with PTSB may not have deals honoured
'You're throwing people to the vulture funds': Government criticised for taking no action to halt PTSB loan sale
'I wouldn't want to go up against them alone': Vulture fund ramps up taking homeowners to court
Irish Prison Service paid out €500k in loans to inmates over three years
'No ifs, no buts, no education cuts' - Students from across the country march through Dublin
Bank ad ordered to be changed after child shown wearing puffy jacket in car seat
'Why were only three bidders selected?': Call for investigation into Nama sale of Project Tolka
Bank of Ireland 'Fomo' loans for students branded as 'irresponsible'
'Out of the blue, we got a letter to say our loans had been sold to a vulture fund'
'The Central Bank is in the dark' over how many business loans vulture funds own
Ireland's local authorities are over €4 billion in debt
New law to grant extra powers to allow the Siteserv inquiry get on with work
One of the country's top golf courses, Druids Glen, has gone into examinership
Here's everything you need to know before you look at getting your first mortgage
Football fans offered loans of up to €30,000 to pay for Euro 2016 trip
AIB is going to start paying back some of those billions to Ireland
What on earth is this Siteserv story all about - and why is it back in the news?
'Very good man' who stole almost €1.7 million from Credit Union jailed
The IBRC gave A LOT of commercial borrowers really good interest rates