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Pleasure boat captain cleared on appeal of being drunk while sailing in Dublin Port
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Four men arrested after alleged rowing boat theft resulted in Liffey River rescue
Plans for €15 million floating pool on River Liffey near white-water rafting facility in Dublin city centre
Two men get two-month jail sentence for drunkenly sailing yacht up the Liffey
Whale that washed up on Dublin beach 'almost definitely the same whale that died in Dublin Port'
Gardaí allegedly told to 'F*** off' by drunk men sailing in middle of Dublin Port shipping lane
A faulty sewage tank caused effluent to pour into Dublin Bay over the weekend
Swimmers take part in the 99th Dublin City Liffey Swim
Two men in court charged with stealing a boat and sailing up the Liffey while drunk
One arrest after pleasure boat 'driven erratically' near ferry at Dublin Port
These kind souls threw a lifebuoy into the Liffey to rescue a poor stranded cat
Three people rescued from River Liffey last night
Dublin firefighters have rescued a cat from the Liffey
10 times the Ha'penny Bridge looked only feckin' gorgeous
Young teenage boy drowns in Liffey accident
Two arrested after suspected burglars crash two cars into Liffey
Here's the story behind this gorgeous photo of a couple kissing in the Liffey
Here's the story behind this gorgeous photo of a couple kissing in the Liffey
Tales of people 'having sex on the boardwalk' at odds with glossy new tourism video
Two people rescued from River Liffey
Small Kildare village 'isolated' after collision damage to access bridge
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This swan was saved by gardaí after a nasty run-in with Luas cables
11 eerie photos of the fog in Dublin this morning
Liffey Valley is getting a Penneys
Video: Dramatic rescue of man from Liffey in centre of Dublin city
Take 4: Homes for every budget around Ireland
Touching comic tells story of homeless man who saved rabbit from Liffey
Strangers donate money online for US man robbed during Liffey rescue
Against the tide: Liffey-side industries battle on
You can walk or cycle over the Rosie Hackett Bridge from tomorrow
Dublin councillors vote for East Link toll to stay in place
Scramble to save heritage ship after Minister grants stay-of-execution
Celtic Tiger-era Liffey bridge can’t open due to “lack of funding”
Pictures: Problems with Sam Beckett bridge lead to spectacular recreation of 'rainbow' ad
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Biggest Irish airshow since 1936 to take place next month
New world record as 1,693 form longest Riverdance line
Blind man walks 140km from Longford to Dublin to help wheelchair users
Meet the hackers' group tackling the Ha'penny Bridge's 'love' problem...