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'We're better than this': Taoiseach Leo Varadkar condemns violence in Dublin
Women of Honour group hold 'frank' meeting with Tánaiste over inquiry terms
Workers prepared to pay price of keeping pension age at 66, says Varadkar
PBP says Ireland has 'blood on our hands' as it tables motion calling for sanctions on Israel
Varadkar: 'I’m not sure if the Israeli government listens to anyone anymore'
Taoiseach hears views of Arab and Islamic reps at meeting about Israel-Hamas war
Varadkar: 'We can’t continue to aid Palestine and trade with Israel in the way we've done in the past'
Shannon Airport not being used by US to facilitate Israel, Taoiseach says
'Don't let the populists in': Warnings of left-wing Govt tax hikes at FG conference
Varadkar says 'real possibility' Northern Ireland Executive can be restored by early next year
Varadkar: 'If we want dangerous people locked up for a long time, we're going to need more prison spaces'
Fine Gael 'up for fighting' for a fourth term in government, says Coveney
Taoiseach and ministers discuss recent increases in road deaths
Politicians arguing in the Dáil and having a drink together after doesn't happen anymore, says Varadkar
Expert group to examine the whole process around buying a house from bidding to probate
'How many Palestinians have to be killed?' Pleas for end to Israeli bombardment at Paris conference
Varadkar on Braverman's NI 'hate march' comments: 'I'm not exactly sure what was meant'
Failure to observe humanitarian law 'can’t be inconsequential', Varadkar tells conference on Gaza
Politicians suing newspapers and reporters 'designed to make journalists afraid' - Taoiseach
'We can't wait for Europe to get its act together': Taoiseach told Ireland must take action on Israel
Varadkar doesn't regret Israel 'revenge' remark amid attempts to get Irish citizens out of Gaza
Varadkar says Israel actions ‘more approaching revenge than self-defence’
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to raise LGBT rights issues with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol
No Irish citizens to be included in group of evacuees leaving Gaza for Egypt today
Taoiseach and three ministers are off to South Korea to promote Irish beef and trade
Divided Europe: Ireland's voice at the EU table not loud enough to be heard this time around
Varadkar says EU needs to double down on political, military and financial support for Ukraine
Varadkar: Irish unity vote shouldn't require supermajority, but unionists must feel 'wanted'
Varadkar fears if EU reaches position to call for ceasefire it will be 'after a lot more people have died'
EU leaders call for 'corridors and pauses' for Gaza, but fall short of demanding a 'ceasefire'
Taoiseach: 'It makes sense for Ireland to align Ukrainian supports with other EU countries'
Taoiseach says new Government jet is 'not just for ministers'
'I don't plan on raising it again': Varadkar rules out speaking to von der Leyen about Israel comments at EPP summit
Govt to lease private jet to get Taoiseach to European Council meeting as alternatives grounded
Varadkar: 'No limit on the compassion of the Irish people ... there is a limit to our capacity'
Varadkar says 'adaptation' to climate change most effective response and land use plan needed
Taoiseach: Ireland won't give Palestinian refugees the same protection as Ukrainians
Taoiseach critical of HSE as 270 extra junior doctors hired with no sign-off
Varadkar says some of Ursula von der Leyen's recent statements 'lacked balance'
Budget measures will increase incomes but purchasing power lower than it was in 2020, says ESRI