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This year
# Podcast
The Explainer: What does Trump being indicted mean for him and the 2024 election?
This week on The Explainer, Laura Byrne is joined by The Journal columnist and University of Galway law lecture Larry Donnelly to delve into the case.
Last year
# Podcast
The Explainer: What did 2022 hold for US politics - and what can we expect in 2023?
Listen in to hear columnist, Bostonian and lawyer Larry Donnelly explain how things went.
Larry Donnelly: There was no US midterms 'red wave' - here's why
Our columnist takes a look at what the midterm results say about the state of politics in the US right now.
Larry Donnelly: When it comes to guns, America is broken
Larry Donnelly writes about his despair and anger after the most recent school shooting in the USA, in which 19 children were killed.
Larry Donnelly: Against a backdrop of war, Biden seeks State of the Union reboot
Larry Donnelly writes about President Biden’s speech, which had to undergo a massive edit due to the invasion of Ukraine.
Larry Donnelly: We must help the undocumented Irish in the US - they still need us
Our columnist welcomes the regularisation scheme for undocumented immigrants here and is reminded of Irish people in the same boat in the US.
All time
Larry Donnelly: Republicans and Democrats need to play the next election cycle very carefully
Our columnist says Democrats were bruised by recent elections and he now has this advice for both parties…
# Virginia
Republican win in Virginia 'shows potency of the culture wars' in US politics
It was expected to be a comfortable Democratic win but became a toss-up in the closing days of the campaign.
Larry Donnelly: What might Tuesday’s elections in the US hold in store?
Voters in a number of states and municipalities will choose officials to represent them at a range of different levels.
Larry Donnelly: Biden presidency report card - 'could do better'
Our columnist says Biden is doing OK but has taken a major hit on the back of Afghanistan.
Larry Donnelly: When politics is the business of an Irish-American political family
In the first chapter of his new book, Larry Donnelly describes how politics ran in the veins of his family.
Larry Donnelly: Biden promised stability and experience, but Kabul now blights his presidency
Our columnist looks at the US President’s handling of Afghanistan, and what the future holds for his administration.
Larry Donnelly: Exit Cuomo, enter Kerrywoman Kathy Hochul
Our columnist reflects on the New York governor’s fall from grace and looks at the career of the woman who will replace him.
Larry Donnelly: Could the GOP actually nominate Trump again?
“I may have misjudged the extent of his capacity for malfeasance, but I have never underestimated the appeal of Donald Trump’s brand of politics,” writes Larry in this week’s column.
Larry Donnelly: 'Give me liberty or give me death' - Why Biden's Covid message is falling on millions of deaf ears
Amid vaccine optimism, Biden’s tone of caution is not mirrored by the actions of a number of state governors, writes Larry Donnelly.
Larry Donnelly: 'Is Trump done with politics? This is not the rhetoric of a man inclined to step away'
Trumpism within the Republican party could be here to stay – with or without the man himself – according to columnist Larry Donnelly.
Larry Donnelly: Isn’t it nice to have someone we can honestly respect in charge?
Larry Donnelly analyses the new US President’s first few weeks in action.
# Podcast
The Explainer: Trump's second impeachment - what happens next, and what does it mean for his future?
This impeachment hinges on the riot earlier this month in the US Capitol building, as Larry Donnelly explains.
Larry Donnelly: I cannot forgive Trump for imploring his most radicalised followers to storm the Capitol
Larry Donnelly reflects on the final days of President Donald Trump’s term.
Larry Donnelly: 'Trumpism' is alive and well no matter who wins the US presidency
While evaluating why Trump remains so popular, one must examine what is on offer from his foes, writes Larry Donnelly.
Larry Donnelly: It’s definitely advantage Biden - but watch Pennsylvania
Larry Donnelly’s rational self tells him that Joe Biden will win – but does lightning ever strike twice?
Larry Donnelly: American politics is in a bad state and the TV networks aren't helping
Donnelly dismays at the polarised and simplistic discussion of politics in the US from all media sources, not just Fox News.
Larry Donnelly: Trump is a mess but he can still win the election because of a weak Democratic party
Larry Donnelly says the Democrats’ surrender to big donor money in the last 30 years has weakened its credibility.
Larry Donnelly: An erratic Trump now leads a US further divided by Covid-19
Donnelly says voters this year will believe in Trump the straight-shooter or Trump the perpetually offended narcissist.
Larry Donnelly: Thanksgiving should be the American tradition that goes global, not Black Friday
A spirit of volunteerism – not consumerism – abounds in the US on Thanksgiving, writes Larry Donnelly.
Larry Donnelly: Biden, Sanders or Warren look set for nomination... why hasn't the Democratic primary been more competitive?
Huge support for just three Democrat front runners in the race for nomination is unusual, writes Larry Donnelly.
Larry Donnelly: Removing Trump from office is still a remote possibility
How one sees the state of play depends, as ever, on which side of the aisle he is on, writes Larry Donnelly.
Larry Donnnelly: The third Democratic debate was a ho-hum night in Houston
It was a debate with few shocks and, when the dust settled, the three frontrunnners had solidified their positions, writes Larry Donnelly.
The polls get it right, and the problem with Pelosi: 6 thoughts on the US midterms
Given the political realities, Nancy Pelosi must simultaneously do battle and business with President Trump, writes Larry Donnelly.
The parallels between Irish and American controversies, in a wild week for politics
Those who say they know what lies ahead – in either country – are either clairvoyant or just plain wrong, writes Larry Donnelly.
"I - and most pundits - got it wrong about Trump v Clinton"
Now that the first shock has abated, columnist Larry Donnelly ponders on a world post-Trump victory.
# third party candidates
How 'protest votes' for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein might have helped Trump
Larry Donnelly tells us why it’s “undemocratic” that the Republican and Democrat parties have a “mutually beneficial stranglehold” on US politics.
Opinion: 'I all but guaranteed a win for Hillary but then we had a political earthquake...'
At this extremely late stage, there are a lot of unknowns, writes Larry Donnelly.
Trump lives to fight another day but he needs an awful lot of luck to become the next POTUS
Neither candidate is the person to lead America out of crisis, writes Larry Donnelly.
The US Electoral College: An Explanation and a Defence
Those outside the US tend to regard the Electoral College with a mixture of profound suspicion and incomprehension. In truth, it is easier to demystify than, for instance, the myriad nuances of Irish parliamentary elections, writes Larry Donnelly.
President Trump? Here's how it could happen
He’s been written off thus far, but he’s still around and could become President.
# Academics say No
Over two dozen academics urge No vote in Seanad referendum
A total of 27 academics have put their name to a letter in the Irish Times today.
Column: Trayvon Martin’s tragic death shows that race still divides America
It makes me feel guilty when we talk about race, and I suspect that’s how most white Americans feel, writes Larry Donnelly, who says there is still a way to go yet before racism no longer has a stronghold in America.
Column: Toeing the party line on issues of conscience isn’t right
Ireland’s rigid party whip system erodes true democracy – and this is never so evident as on the issue of abortion, writes Larry Donnelly.