# La Palma

Last year
Thousands evacuated as wildfire rages on La Palma in Canary Islands
All time
Eruption of Spanish island volcano declared over after starting in September
Flights cancelled and schools shut after latest volcanic eruption on La Palma
Spain pledges quicker help for La Palma following volcano damage
Volcanic eruption on La Palma showing no sign of abating
Thousands locked down as La Palma volcano destroys cement plant
La Palma volcanic eruption going strong after three weeks
Canary Island's La Palma airport shuts again due to ashfall from volcano
New lava flow spews from La Palma volcano after weeks of eruptions
Flights to La Palma in Canary Islands resume as volcanic lava reaches sea
Earthquakes and lava threaten La Palma in Canary Islands
Lava flows destroy houses in Canary Islands as people block roads to get view of eruption
Volcano erupts on Spain's Canary Islands after increased seismic activity
Man who defecated in the woods causes deadly forest fire after he lights toilet paper
Five killed in Canary island lifeboat accident