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Justin Trudeau apologises for telling woman to say 'peoplekind', not 'mankind'
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Canadian pastor returns home after being released from labour camp in North Korea
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Leo Varadkar wore a pair of novelty maple leaf socks when meeting Justin Trudeau
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit Ireland next week
Charlie Flanagan says attack in Ireland is 'unlikely' and gardaí are 'fully in control of situation'
Trump deletes 'covfefe' post after baffling Twitter
Justin Trudeau was out jogging and ended up brilliantly photobombing a group prom picture
Everyone reckons that Ireland's Eurovision entrant is the spit of Justin Trudeau
Enda Kenny is travelling to Canada to meet Justin Trudeau and discuss 'middle-class jobs'
Cannabis set to be legal in Canada by July 2018
Justin Trudeau’s shady look at Trump’s hand has become THE moment of his White House visit
'A father to everyone': Tributes paid to Quebec shooting victims
Student and 'supporter of right-wing politics' charged with murder of six at Quebec mosque
Six people have died after gunmen opened fire at a mosque in Canada
Theresa May is first in line as world leaders gear up to meet President Trump
Ethics probe begins into Justin Trudeau's lavish island holiday
Canadian parliament jobs discussion ends in "fart" debate
Massive delays on Canada's immigration website as Americans seek to flee
EU and Canada sign free-trade pact to the backdrop of red-paint protests
'Hullabaloo over EU's best trade deal in history makes no sense', says Irish MEP
Prince George completely denied Justin Trudeau a high five, the messer
Mexicans can enter Canada without a visa from December onwards
Canadian prime minister apologises for elbowing opposition MP
"We must demand true equality": Canada introduces new laws protecting transgender people
Canadian citizen killed by Islamic militants in the Philippines
Canada is going to legalise marijuana to "protect youth and enhance public safety"
Relatives of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi, who drowned off the coast of Turkey, have arrived in Canada
Justin Trudeau's gender-balanced cabinet could teach Ireland a thing or two
Canada has elected a former snowboard instructor, bouncer and barman as its Prime Minister