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Poll: Should Julian Assange be extradited for his alleged role in the hacking of US government computers?
British court finds Julian Assange guilty of skipping bail as US says he faces five years on hacking charges
Julian Assange charged in US, court documents show
Judge says Julian Assange is not 'above the normal rules of law' and should be arrested
Julian Assange has 'a bad tooth, a frozen shoulder and depression' but the UK still wants to arrest him
Ecuador has granted Julian Assange citizenship
Assange hails 'important victory' after Sweden drops rape investigation
Assange asks Sweden to drop arrest warrant so that he can fly to Ecuador
Arrest of Julian Assange a 'priority' in US clampdown on all leaks
WikiLeaks releases over 8,000 documents 'hacked from CIA'
'I stand by everything I said': Assange keeps pledge to travel to the US
Assange says he will travel to the US - if his rights are 'guaranteed'
Assange 'standing by' offer to be extradited to US - lawyer
Donald Trump tweets backing of Julian Assange and mocks US intelligence agencies
Prosecutors arrive in London to question Assange over rape allegations
Julian Assange to be questioned over rape allegations at embassy where he lives
"What he wants to do is interfere with the machinery of government" - Julian Assange's mission
Ecuador has cut internet access for WikiLeaks founder over US election
Wikileaks accuse John Kerry of ordering Ecuador to cut off Julian Assange's wifi
Pamela Anderson visits Julian Assange at Ecuadorean Embassy
Wikileaks is planning to publish a trove of new documents about the US election
Julian Assange could be holed up for another four years over rape allegations
Angry Assange starts his fifth year camped out at a London embassy
Julian Assange is still wanted for rape in Sweden
Julian Assange should be compensated by Britain and Sweden says the UN
UN panel has ruled that Julian Assange's detention is illegal, says Sweden
Julian Assange is 'extremely disappointed' as sex assault case is dropped
It's Julian Assange's birthday and he's spending it arguing with the Republic of France
Julian Assange is STILL living in that Ecuadorian embassy
Breakthrough? After years of stalemate, Sweden's offered to question Assange in London
Julian Assange says he will be leaving the Ecuadorian embassy 'soon'
Wikileaks are up to something tonight... But what?
Julian Assange loses bid to scrap arrest warrant, is told to be 'man enough' to face sex charges
The Wikileaks Party got fewer votes than the Australian Sex Party
Watch: Julian Assange's election song is really quite bizarre
Bradley Manning to be sentenced tomorrow
Gangsters' dream of winning Rose of Tralee: The week's news skewed
‘He’s very, very pale’: Mick Wallace and Clare Daly met Julian Assange yesterday
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