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Friday 2 June 2023 Dublin: 12°C


This year
Astronauts return to Earth after five-month mission at the International Space Station
Their capsule splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico just off the Florida coast near Tampa.
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasts off for International Space Station
The SpaceX Dragon Crew-6 mission launched at 05:34 Irish time this morning from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre.
# The final frontier
SpaceX Dragon crew to blast off for ISS after cancelled Monday launch
The launch was scrubbed on Monday just minutes before liftoff because of a clog in a filter that supplies ignition fluid to start the engines.
Last year
Russia to quit International Space Station 'after 2024'
Russia and the United States have worked side by side on the station, which has been in orbit since 1998.
All time
NASA astronaut shares image of Dublin from space
Shane Kimbrough is part of the crew of Expedition 65 which began its mission in April.
# up up and away
Three men paying €45 million each to be part of crew on first private trip to International Space Station
The three men will receive 15 weeks of training in advance of the flight next January.
# SpaceX
SpaceX launches four astronauts to International Space Station
The flight to the space station – 27.5 hours door to door – should be entirely automated.
After more than 200 days in space, an International Space Station crew has landed safely on Earth
A crew member said “the Earth still looks just as stunning as always” from above during the Covid-19 pandemic.
# welcome aboard
A humanoid robot has joined the crew of the International Space Station
Fedor copies human movements and can help astronauts carry out tasks remotely.
SpaceX Dragon capsule docks with International Space Station
The announcement was met with applause at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
# capsule
A rocket that will bring US astronauts back to space has blasted off with a dummy named 'Ripley'
The launch is a key step towards resuming manned space flights from US soil.
# Dragon
SpaceX capsule reaches space station with food and experiments
The supply capsule launched on Monday from Florida.
# Made for Spacewalkin'
'Victory' as astronauts fix power box during critical space walk
It was unclear what caused the MDM to fail.
# out of world record
'That's fantastic': Record-breaking astronaut receives congratulatory call from Donald Trump
The International Space Station’s commander surpassed the record of 534 days, two hours and 48 minutes for most accumulated time in space.
Irish students to talk to astronaut in live chat from space
They’ll talk next week.
# Liftoff
PHOTOS: SpaceX launched an important spacecraft into space this morning
The Dragon capsule contains a docking station which would allow future spaceships to park at the International Space Station.
# good view
Dublin was looking very nice from space today
The blue skies made it easy to see from the International Space Station.
# Up In The Air
Astronaut Scott Kelly posed with an Irish artist’s work IN SPACE
Great work.
# Up In The Air
Astronaut Scott Kelly posed with an Irish artist’s work IN SPACE
Great work.
# Take a Break
Watch: Violent storms, bright lights and dark seas - The view from 250 miles high
Astronaut Tim Peake tweeted the timelapse from ISS.
# Space
Today's first ever spacewalk by a British astronaut was cut short
“I guess nothing can fully prepare for the feeling of being outside of a spacecraft in the vacuum of space.”
# Take a Break
This astronaut is taking stunning photos of Earth from space
Scott Kelly is in the final stretch of a year-long mission on the ISS, which orbits Earth every 92.91 minutes.
# Gravity
Astronauts had to hide from space junk that threatened to hit the ISS
It was a bit of an emergency situation.
# the auld sod
If Ireland was made completely of fluffy white clouds it would look exactly like this
We’re being watched from above right now.
# Watch Out
An out-of-control cargo spacecraft is plunging back to Earth
Video has emerged of it spinning out of control.
# drone ship
Video: SpaceX rocket floats down from the sky but is still blown to smithereens
The company isn’t giving up hope.
# Space race
A robot rocket is about to chase the ISS across Irish skies at 17,500 mp/h
The Space X rocket will resupply the space station, but it needs to catch it first.
Ireland looked pretty damn good from space yesterday
# gemini
Can you guess which of these twins is heading into space this morning?
The pair are taking part in a mission run by NASA.
# space nicety
Thank you, ISS astronaut, for the greenest pic of Ireland today
We’re one beautiful country when seen from space.
# hitting the high notes
Time to say goodbye: Sarah Brightman is the next €48m space tourist
The Opera star says she’s training to sing in microgravity.
Can you spot the astronaut space-walking in this picture?
Get your glasses out.
# live long and prosper
Leonard Nimoy honoured with Vulcan hand salute from space
Nimoy’s home town of Boston can be seen in the background of the image.
# in a vacuum
WATCH LIVE: Astronauts perform seven hour spacewalk on ISS
It might make you think your own job is a bit underwhelming…
There will be six astronauts flying over our heads tonight, so look up
The International Space Station can be seen in Irish skies tonight and tomorrow.
# So Close
Video shows moment SpaceX rocket crashed down on ocean barge
The company hopes to hone technology so that rockets can return to Earth intact for use again.
# SpaceX
This revolutionary rocket will have to wait to try a risky new way of landing
Instead of being discarded in the ocean, the booster stages could return to Earth.
# International Space Station
NASA will ring in the new year 16 times
And you thought you were having a wild night.
# big philae style
Exploding rockets and chasing comets - The year in space exploration
What a year it’s been…
# international Santa station
Something very shiny in the sky tonight at 5.22pm and 6.58pm
It could be the International Space Station or it could be…