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Islamic State has been forced out of Palmyra in a 'major symbolic victory' for Syrian forces
Flight to London delayed after woman claims man had "messages related to Isis" on his phone
On board the 24-hour bus journey into the heart of the Islamic State
Islamic State's second-in-command killed by US forces, Pentagon says
Briton who told his family he was safe among the Brussels dead
New pro-Islamic State propaganda video features Donald Trump
Tom Clonan: 'Islamic State will consider today’s attacks a great success'
In photos: The devastation of today's attacks in Brussels
Man found guilty of war crime after posing for photo with decapitated head of IS fighter
British journalist 'mocks US' in latest Islamic State video
Man allegedly threatened gardaí with bomb and 'said he was from Isis'
Eagles of Death Metal frontman 'begs for forgiveness' after suggesting Paris attack was an inside job
Stolen memory stick contains details of thousands of Islamic State fighters
Islamic State's stronghold is holding out against coalition forces
Two French teenage girls who attempted to go to Syria to join Isis returned home
Pope Francis condemns 'senseless and diabolical' terrorist attack on elderly care home
Man removed from plane after passenger read 'prayer' message as threat
Islamic State posts images of 'spy' beheadings
Widow of Isis leader charged with contributing to death of US aid worker
Two Algerian men arrested over suspected Islamic State plot in Berlin
Islamic State triple bomb kills 71 as 'terrorists' in peace talks cause friction
Teenage girl who stabbed her mother "after watching Isis videos" to spend nine years in jail
Teenager discussed putting explosives on a kangaroo, painting IS symbol on it and setting it loose on police
Islamic State is planning for large-scale attacks on Europe, says police chief
Islamic State releases graphic video of Paris attackers
Women and children killed in suspected Russian bombings on Islamic State
Islamic State confirms death of Jihadi John in drone strike
Belgian man with 'direct links' to Paris attackers arrested in Morocco
At least 135 dead and 400 abducted in Islamic State 'massacre'
Isis kidnap more than 400 civilians in wake of deadly city attack which left "300 dead"
Jakarta attack: Police identify extremist who may have plotted attacks
Police say man who shot Philadephia cop pledged allegiance to Islamic State
Islamic State fighter 'executes his mother in public' after she asks him to leave group
Islamic State video suspect thought to be British man Siddhartha Dhar
Child in Islamic State execution video is my grandson, says London man
Charlie Hebdo anniversary cover features God with a gun
Islamic State's alleged latest video features an English-speaking boy threatening to kill 'non-believers' in the UK
Isis threatens Britain in new executions video
German police lift terror attack alert in Munich
Islamic State issues detailed guidelines for sex with female slaves