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Islamic State claims responsibility for the Westminster attack
Banning laptops on flights was prompted by 'credible' reports of potential IS attacks
PHOTOS: Priceless remains lie in ruins at Mosul museum
Islamic State imposes dress code on men in captured city to allow its fighters blend in
Part of Brussels sealed off after car filled with gas canisters driven by known radical stopped
Australian electrician charged with helping Isis develop long-range guided missiles
Kurdish news anchor killed covering Iraq's battle for Mosul
In landmark case, Swedish man jailed for Facebook call to fund Islamic State
Islamic State suicide bomber was ex-Guantanamo Bay inmate who got £1m from UK taxpayers
350,000 children trapped in Mosul faced with grim choices as 'most brutal fighting yet' begins
'We have very little food left': People are burning their own clothes to stay warm in Mosul
IS claims responsibility as two separate bombings kill at least 122 in Pakistan and Iraq
Putin apologises after Russian air strike accidentally kills three Turkish soldiers
White House accuses media of 'under reporting' terror attacks
Turkish police detain 400 suspected members of Islamic State
'Do you speak Arabic?': How the US bungled its online fight against IS
Louvre reopens 24 hours after machete attack
Indonesian women seeking to become IS suicide bombers
Istanbul nightclub attack: Gunman 'confesses' to crime
BBC causes a stir with Real Housewives of ISIS sketch
'There was blood everywhere and broken glass' - Survivors recall horror of Turkish nightclub attack
Massive manhunt underway for shooter who killed 39 people in Turkish nightclub
Isis has released a video in which they apparently burn Turkish soldiers alive
Isis claims responsibility for Berlin Christmas market attack
A suicide bombing in Yemen has killed at least 30 soldiers
Islamic State has retaken the ancient city of Palmyra
Smoking, dominos, getting married in secret - this is what it's like to live under the rule of Isis
'Entire families were killed' - Airstrike on IS controlled town hits civilians
Isis likely to attack Europe again soon
'You could be wiped out at any moment': Irishman on fighting Isis in Syria
The US State Department has issued a terror travel alert for Europe
Tom Clonan: 'It is possible that the US and Russia may carve up Syria and Iraq between themselves'
A year on from the Paris attacks - what do we know about those who killed 127 people?
Iraqi forces retake ancient city blown up by ISIS
US-backed troops launch offensive on Islamic State "capital" in Syria
Islamic State launches new wave of suicide bombings as Mosul battle rages on
French teen gets suspended jail term for naming wifi network after Islamic State
Isis leader 'calls for fight to the death' in audio recording
Iraqi forces move to cut off Islamic State militant supply lines
"Scared" Islamic State fighters are shaving their beards as noose tightens around Mosul