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#Iraq War

# iraq-war - Friday 14 April, 2017

What is the 'Mother of All Bombs'?

Here’s what the bomb – dropped by the US on Afghanistan yesterday – involves.

# iraq-war - Saturday 7 January, 2017

Florida shooting: Gunman was Iraq war veteran known to FBI

President-elect Trump said his “thoughts and prayers” were with the victims.

# iraq-war - Friday 8 July, 2016

'Reptiles and traitors' - how The Sun described Charles Kennedy and Robin Cook over Iraq War

The Murdoch-owned tabloid demonised Kennedy as a “spineless reptile”, and featured Cook on a dartboard of anti-war ‘traitors’.

# iraq-war - Wednesday 6 July, 2016

Tony Blair did a solo run on deciding to go to war

He also planned to back a rebellion in Iraq.

Tony Blair led the UK into Iraq war before all peaceful options were exhausted

Sir John Chilcot published his report today

The UK's Iraq War dirty laundry will today be aired in a very public way

Former PM Tony Blair is in for a hard day, but a trial is some way off.

# iraq-war - Sunday 25 October, 2015

Tony Blair (kind of) says sorry for Iraq War and admits it (maybe) led to Islamic State

The former British Prime Minister wouldn’t make a full apology in a new TV interview.

# iraq-war - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

'He robbed my children, he robbed me and he did it for no reason'

The wife of Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, who was shot dead in Texas said she tries not to hold on to bitterness.

# iraq-war - Monday 13 April, 2015

US private security guards jailed for massacre of 14 Iraqi civilians

A further 17 were wounded.

# iraq-war - Thursday 5 February, 2015

US news anchor retracts incorrect story about coming under fire in Iraq

NBC’s Brian Williams later apologised for the error.

# iraq-war - Tuesday 23 September, 2014

Column: It was the largest coordinated demonstration in human history – and they ignored it

Director Amir Amirani writes about his stunning documentary, We Are Many, which explores the 2003 Stop the War global protests and their legacy.

# iraq-war - Sunday 15 June, 2014

Tony Blair: Syrian war to blame for Iraq violence, not 2003 invasion

Arguments that there would be no crisis if Saddam Hussein remained are “bizarre” he said.

# iraq-war - Monday 9 December, 2013

Man accused of Lee Rigby murder “loves” Al Qaeda: “They’re my brothers”

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are accused of murdering 25-year-old soldier Lee Rigby with knives and a machete.

# iraq-war - Sunday 15 September, 2013

At least 48 killed in Iraq bombings

Car bombs in cities across Iraq killed at least 48 people today, officials have said.

# iraq-war - Wednesday 15 May, 2013

At least 32 dead in Iraq bombings

11 bombings struck Baghdad, as well as the cities of Kirkuk and Tarmiyah.

# iraq-war - Sunday 17 March, 2013

10 years on, Iraq War said to have cost at least 112,000 civilian lives

Including combatants on all sides and as-yet undocumented civilian fatalities that figure could be as high as 174,000, according to the Iraq Body Count organisation.

# iraq-war - Friday 15 March, 2013

The aftermath of war: UK military personnel 'at increased risk of violent offending'

UK military personnel deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan with direct combat exposure were 53 per cent more likely to commit a violent offence than men serving in a non-combat role, according to the Lancet.

# iraq-war - Monday 4 February, 2013

Former US Marine charged with Navy SEAL sniper's death

Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were shot dead at a firing range in Texas on Saturday with their friend Eddie Routh facing charges over the shooting.

# iraq-war - Sunday 2 September, 2012

Blair and Bush should face trial over Iraq war: Tutu

Tutu said the invasion of Iraq left the world more destabilised and divided than any other conflict in history and had “hardened hearts and minds of members of the human family across the world”.

# iraq-war - Monday 28 May, 2012

Protester disrupts Tony Blair evidence at Leveson inquiry

The protester called the former British prime minister a war criminal and had to be forcibly removed from the inquiry courtroom.

# iraq-war - Friday 30 March, 2012

Anti-war campaigner Galloway claims by-election win in 'Bradford Spring' George Galloway This post contains videos

Anti-war campaigner Galloway claims by-election win in 'Bradford Spring'

The controversial former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was the surprise winner of the Bradford West vote last night.

# iraq-war - Wednesday 25 January, 2012

Watch: Obama calls for a fairer economy in State of the Union address SOTU This post contains videos

Watch: Obama calls for a fairer economy in State of the Union address

The US president called for higher taxes on the wealthy in a speech which has set the tone for his re-election battle in the autumn.

# iraq-war - Sunday 18 December, 2011

Elation as final US troops roll out of Iraq

The last American soldiers whooped and hugged as they crossed the border into neighbouring Kuwait.

# iraq-war - Friday 16 December, 2011

Christopher Hitchens, author and polemicist, dead at 62 Hitchens This post contains videos

Christopher Hitchens, author and polemicist, dead at 62

Weakened by cancer, Hitchens continued to write for Vanity Fair in his final days, questioning the saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

# iraq-war - Thursday 15 December, 2011

It's over: US Defence Secretary formally ends war in Iraq

Nine years, thousands dead and billions of dollars spent, the US has formally ended its mission in Iraq.

# iraq-war - Wednesday 14 December, 2011

Obama marks the end of the Iraq war

Obama didn’t try to declare victory in the decade-old war but applauded the “extraordinary achievement” of US troops in the region.

# iraq-war - Friday 21 October, 2011

Obama: All US troops will leave Iraq by end of the year

The US president has declared an end to the Iraq war, with only security guards to remain in the country.

# iraq-war - Sunday 11 September, 2011

From The Daily Edge Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads Sitdown Sunday

Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads

The very best of the week’s writing from around the globe.

# iraq-war - Friday 4 March, 2011

Majority of injured US troops not wounded in combat

A report from the Pentagon reveals that the majority of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq suffered injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder, sprains and mood disorders.

# iraq-war - Wednesday 8 December, 2010

Blair recalled by Iraq inquiry over new evidence UK

Blair recalled by Iraq inquiry over new evidence

New evidence has shown that Tony Blair was warned that the invasion of Iraq would be unlawful.

# iraq-war - Tuesday 19 October, 2010

Pentagon to media: Please don't publish WikiLeaks files

The US Department of Defence urges news media not to publish the files about to be unveiled on the whistleblower website.

# iraq-war - Monday 13 September, 2010

Thousands of Iraqis face torture, says Amnesty report

Human rights group says the US handover has left many people vulnerable and at risk of abuse.

# iraq-war - Friday 10 September, 2010

Iraq agrees to pay compensation to US

American claims win $400m pay-out.

# iraq-war - Monday 6 September, 2010

Tony Blair calls off London book signing

Decision comes two days after eggs and shoes thrown at former PM in Dublin.

# iraq-war - Thursday 19 August, 2010

2710: the number of days spent in Iraq by combat forces from the United States, with the invasion beginning on March 20, 2003 and ending today, August 19, 2010, when the American combat troops, the last remaining in the country, withdrew.

900,000,000,000 – the amount, in dollars, of American taxpayer funds spent on the campaign.

7,300,000,000 - the peak monthly spend, in dollars, as of October 2009.

390,000 - the cost, in dollars, of deploying each soldier in the country.

9,000,000,000 – unaccounted-for spending, in dollars, over the course of the campaign.

52,600 – the number of American troops still in Iraq today. Though not being ‘in combat’, they will leave the country by the end of 2011.

4,415 – the number of American military fatalities in the campaign, as of yesterday.

179 – the number of UK fatalities.

31,897 – the number of American troops physically wounded, 20% of which are serious brain or spinal injuries.

141 – journalists killed in Iraq. 94 – the number murdered, 47 – killed by acts of war, 14 – the number killed by acts of war.

9,571 – the number of Iraqi police and soldiers killed.

Between 50,000 and 600,000 – the number of civilian casualties in Iraq.

2,255,000 – the number of Iraqis displaced inside the country by the war.

15,000 – the estimated number of insurgent fighters in Iraq in November 2003.

70,000 – the number in June 2007.

14 – the daily number of insurgent attacks, February 2004.

163 – the daily number of insurgent attacks, May 2007 – five months after the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

16 – the minimum number of hours per day in which homes in Baghdad had electricity before the war.

5.6 – the average number of hours per day in which homes in Baghdad have electricity now. 10.9 - the average number in the rest of the country.

0 – the number of Weapons of Mass Destruction found by coalition forces inside Iraq.

# iraq-war - Tuesday 17 August, 2010

A SUICIDE BOMBER in Baghdad has killed at least 60 people, AP reports. Over 120 people were injured.

The bomb exploded among hundreds of army recruits gathering near a military headquarters.

One witness said he saw the bomber walk up to an officer and blow himself up. The witness was covered in blood and body parts.

A larger then normal crowd had gathered today because of a renewed drive to encourage new recruits to sign up for service. Around 1,000 are believed to have been waiting outside the Ministry of Defence building when the bomb exploded this morning.

The bombing highlights the huge security threat facing Iraqi authorities. This timeline from the Montreal Gazette charts the hundreds of deaths caused by bombings across Iraq this year alone.

US troops are due to pull out of Iraq in two weeks’ time, despite the concerns of Iraq’s army chief:

# iraq-war - Monday 2 August, 2010

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama has said that 90,000 combat troops will be withdrawn from Iraq this month, on schedule.

The winding down of the war in Iraq is a personal goal for Obama, as he vowed to begin withdrawing troops from the region upon entering office.

Some 50,000 American troops will remain in the country to continue to train Iraqi security forces and conduct anti-terrorism operations.

The Huffington Post reports that Obama had originally promised to withdraw up to two brigades a month after entering office, with a view to fully withdrawing within 16 months. This was later extended to 19 months.

US forces will withdraw entirely within the next year, as originally planned by previous president George W Bush.

Speaking to the Disabled American Veterans convention in Atlanta, Obama said: “As a candidate for president, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. Shortly after taking office, I announced our new strategy for Iraq and for a transition to full Iraqi responsibility. I made it clear that by August 31, America’s combat mission in Iraq would end. And that is exactly what we are doing – as promised and on schedule.”

Despite the reduction in combatants in Iraq, there are still great challenges to be overcome before the country is stablised. It has been more than seven years since American forces invaded – yet efforts to form a new Iraqi government have failed at every turn.

Fundamental cultural and political differences have made it hard for Sunni, Shia and Kurdish leaders to agree on a candidate for Iraq’s prime minister, which is necessary in order to continue with the formation of a new Iraqi government.

The delay is beginning to fray nerves, as a similar delay following the 2005 elections led to a significant surge in terrorist activity in the country.

Meanwhile, as troops begin to withdraw from Iraq even more are being deployed to Afghanistan; a total of 30,000 additional troops have been marked for that war since Obama took office.

Obama adressed the issue of the Afghan war during his speech, insisting that it was on the right track:

“We face huge challenges in Afghanistan,” he said, “But it’s important that the American people know that we are making progress and we’re focused on goals that are clear and achievable.”

Watch the full address below, parts 0ne to three: