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Varadkar: Irish government 'concerned for escalation of tensions in the Middle East'
UNESCO warns Trump against targeting Iranian cultural sites
Mourners gather in 'million strong' crowd for funeral of Iranian general killed by US
Iran abandons nuclear deal after general’s death in US air strike
Boris Johnson says killed Iranian general was 'a threat to all our interests'
Iraqi parliament passes motion to expel US military from country following Qasem Soleimani killing
Raab: Boris Johnson 'in charge' of Iran crisis despite silence during Caribbean holiday
Ireland calls for 'maximum restraint' following US assassination of Iranian general
Iraq's prime minister joins mourners in Baghdad for funeral of top Iranian general killed by US
Donald Trump says ‘reign of terror’ is over after Iranian general killed
Donald Trump says Iranian general 'should have been taken out many years ago'
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Iran warns of 'severe revenge' after top general killed in US airstrike
'We've woken up to a more dangerous world': The world reacts to the US killing of a top Iran general
Trump deploys hundreds of US soldiers to Middle East after embassy attack in Iraq
Protesters storm US embassy in Baghdad chanting 'Death to America'
Iraq warns US ties at stake after deadly air strikes kill at least 25 fighters
Johnson should stop 'getting distracted' in case of British-Iranian woman imprisoned in Iran, husband says
Israel kills top Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza attack
Daughter of British-Iranian woman imprisoned in Iran has returned to the UK
Thousands of Iranian women enjoy football match as Tehran lifts decades-old ban
Saudi crown prince says war with Iran would mean 'total collapse of the global economy'
Trump threatens to intensify sanctions on Iran as Europeans seek UN breakthrough
UK, France and Germany blame Iran for Saudi oil attacks
Iranian president warns foreign forces to stay out of the Gulf
Trump announces Iran sanctions as US sends more troops to Gulf
Trump to be given several military options on Iran amid fears of 'all-out war'
Iran seizes suspected fuel smuggling boat as tensions ratchet higher in the Gulf
Oil prices soar and Trump says US 'locked and loaded' after attack on Saudi facilities
Iranian fan dies after setting herself on fire outside court over ban on women attending matches
Trump sacks John Bolton as national security adviser
Trump releases photo of Iran rocket site and says US 'not involved' in failed launch
Iran's foreign minister makes surprise G7 summit visit
Gibraltar rejects US demand to seize Iranian oil tanker
Gibraltar orders that Iranian tanker be released, in a blow to the US
Iran seizes another foreign tanker it alleges was 'smuggling' fuel
Britain wants protection force for shipping in Gulf after Iran seizes oil tanker
Explainer: Why did Iran seize a British oil tanker and the 23 crew members on board?
Iran says it's arrested 17 'CIA spies' and sentenced some to death
Theresa May to hold emergency meeting as UK plots next step after Iran tanker seizure