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Last year
Average car insurance premiums fell by 7% last year
Aviva says 'suspicious' personal injury claims are being withdrawn on the steps of court
Car insurance costs fall by 5% following introduction of new claim guidelines
All time
Irish regulator finds 'majority' of home and car insurers charged different prices to customers with similar risk
Pearse Doherty: Damning Central Bank report reveals an insurance industry that prizes profit above its customers
Calls to push ahead with capping insurance payouts as government criticised for taking too long to act
The UK and Canada are cutting the cost of processing claims - why can't Ireland?
'People are making a career out of bogus claims': TD hits out as car insurance costs set to rise again
Land that deal: How to get the best car insurance rate
Two thirds of the country are against paying higher insurance premiums in order to help flood victims
Poll: Should insurers be able to access details of drivers' road offences?
Oireachtas agenda: Social Welfare Bill, insurance premiums and CF unit
Health insurance set to rise - but no-one knows by how much
€59 million paid out on behalf of uninsured drivers - report
Dublin businesses strike bargain to get 20 per cent off insurance premiums