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18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
'There's plenty left in the tank': Former Minister Finian McGrath to stand in upcoming European elections
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The end of the road for the Independent Alliance 'experiment'
'It's disappointing': Outgoing minister Shane Ross loses seat in Dublin Rathdown
Kevin 'Boxer' Moran is leaving the Independent Alliance
Independent Alliance want rise in income threshold for medical cards for the over 70s
'Slow progress' in Budget talks, as Donohoe confirms he will be dipping into corporation tax take
Behind-the-scenes pressure on minister to raise inheritance tax threshold in the Budget
Finian McGrath claims he was 'thrown under the bus' by other ministers over drink-driving remarks
Government loses vote on Israeli goods trade ban Bill, as ministers abstain
Ross says no 'heated' row over speeding proposals, but some FG ministers have issues with severity of penalty points
Independent Alliance to seek a free vote for Israeli goods trade ban Bill
Poll: Should older people be 'incentivised' to downsize their homes?
Poll: Do you think grandparents should get cash for helping out with childcare?
Shane Ross defends proposal to give grandparents cash for helping out with childcare
'If you vote No, abortion will not stop, we'll just export it to England'
Whoever gets the government assistant chief whip job won't be taking the €15k top up
Sean Canney quits the Independent Alliance
Explainer: Why has a massive row blown up between two Independent Alliance TDs?
Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran wins bout over junior minister role against Seán Canney
Only eight people (and one party) gave their view on whether we should have a fixed term Dáil
Government ends year on a high with satisfaction rate boost
A Tánaiste, a pedibus and Mambo No. 5: A day that brought Ireland to the brink of a Christmas election
Independent Alliance won't be travelling to North Korea
'Workers are being told "bugger off, you're 65 now". It's not fair'
'It's an insult to my little boy': Families who lost loved ones to drunk-drivers slam politicians opposing new law
Independent Alliance confirms it will support Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach
Independent Alliance have 'very constructive and very satisfactory' meeting with Leo Varadkar
'Boxer' Moran: 'Yes, I have difficulties with reading, but I am as clever a man as you will ever meet'
'The man who raped me went on to attack multiple women': Calls for harsher sentences for serial rapists
Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran to take over as Minister of State at OPW in June
'He's a sexual predator': John Halligan is not happy with Kenny meeting Trump
Fianna Fáil is the most popular party in the country
John Halligan says he's secured a mobile cath lab for Waterford hospital
'Halligan is focused on his constituency but I have to ensure we deliver jobs for all of Ireland'
John Halligan believes the government won't serve its full term
TD John Halligan is sending out alien-themed Christmas cards (again)
There's trouble between Fine Gael and the Independent Alliance again... this time it's over alcohol
Poll: Should independent ministers be given a free vote on the Repeal the Eighth bill?
Coppinger on Zappone: 'She wore a Repeal jumper on the march and she won't vote for a repeal bill'
Independent Alliance to seek a free vote on Repeal the Eighth Bill