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'I'm sure that I would be convicted': Ian Bailey trial in France may proceed in his absence
Ian Bailey to face trial in France over Sophie Toscan du Plantier's death
'It was my last day being a child. She was everything to me' - Sophie Toscan du Plantier's son speaks out
'I'm pleased and delighted': High Court refuses to extradite Ian Bailey to France
Minister for Justice is 'insulting Irish courts' in Ian Bailey extradition case, lawyers say
Ian Bailey arrested after High Court approves European arrest warrant
Judge expects to endorse European arrest warrant to have Ian Bailey sent to France for trial
Ian Bailey fails to show up for hearing regarding arrest warrant
'I had nothing to do with this terrible crime': Ian Bailey appeals for Enda Kenny's help
Ian Bailey indicted in France for murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier
Ian Bailey: 'I have asked the DPP to charge me for murder so that I may have the chance of a fair trial'
Ian Bailey set to be charged by French authorities over du Plantier murder
French police set to return to Cork to question Du Plantier witnesses
Counting the cost: Ian Bailey ordered to pay up to €5 million for legal action
Who foots the bill for the Ian Bailey case? We won't find out for a month
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Ian Bailey could have millions in costs awarded against him
Ian Bailey "very disappointed" after losing his case against the State
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Ian Bailey remains a 'person of interest' in Du Plantier murder - Top garda tells court
Explainer: What happens when a witness walks out of court?
Bruised eyes, torn hair and beatings: Ian Bailey's domestic violence laid bare in packed courtroom
Ian Bailey describes moment when garda 'Cracker' "scrutinised" him in local shop
Ian Bailey: 'Vigilantes put a rat in my letterbox and I felt hunted like an animal'
'You'll be found dead in a ditch': Ian Bailey tells court he is 'haunted by garda threat'
Ian Bailey jury warned not to 'engage in any research on the internet'
Ian Bailey's wrongful arrest case against An Garda Síochana is edging closer
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Family of woman murdered in Cork believe French trial will still take place
Legal advice sought on French request for further assistance with du Plantier case
Du Plantier investigators sourced equipment and recorded conversations 'on purpose'
Witness threatened to "blow the Bailey case out of the water" if any attempt was made to arrest her
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Witness says garda cried on the phone to her about Ian Bailey
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Recordings show contact between gardaí and journalists was "beyond belief" - Ian Bailey's legal team
Details of 133 garda recordings in Sophie du Plantier murder case emerge
'Somewhat incredible': Martin asks why Shatter was not informed of Garda phone tapping sooner