Last week
25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Senior HSE executive to receive redundancy package of nearly €400,000
Nine suspected, no confirmed cases of measles in latest weekly figures
St John of God reaches an agreement with the HSE over provision of services
Last month
February 2024
Review launched at University Hospital Limerick following woman's death one day after losing baby
Donnelly asks HSE to undo cuts to allowances as breast cancer survivors voice anger on Liveline
Varadkar seeks to reassure St John of God service users they will be 'protected'
St John of God service users ‘alarmed’ by proposed transfer to HSE due to funding issues
St John of God services to be transferred to HSE by mid-August ‘due to insufficient funding’
Three suspected and one confirmed case of measles reported in latest weekly figures
HSE tells Assisted Dying Committee there are already 'significant' supports for 'dying in a dignified way'
Measles contact tracing begins as HSE issues advice over potential exposure to virus
St John of God services to be transferred to HSE unless extra funding is granted
The SJOG board is due to meet today to discuss its €32.5 million deficit.
SJOG is one of the biggest providers of intellectual disability and mental health services in the country
Staff have been informed that, unless extra funding is received, the process of transferring services will begin
The board said they are "doing all in our power to prevent this eventuality" but are running out of options
Nine suspected measles cases reported in Ireland
Two or more cases of measles are classed as an outbreak.
Seven of these cases have been defined as 'possible' measles, while two are listed as 'probable' measles
The suspected cases, all involving children aged nine and younger, were reported between 28 January and 3 February
Yesterday it was confirmed that a man in Leinster died after contracting measles
Missed appointments during pandemic a factor in lower measles vaccine uptake, HSE says
Adult with confirmed measles case dies in hospital in the Dublin and Midlands Health Region
University Hospital Limerick is having the worst day for overcrowding in any Irish hospital since 2006
Galway University Hospital accepts failings in care of 49-year-old woman who died of breast cancer
HSE approves seven ‘life-enhancing’ medicines for rare but debilitating conditions
HSE asks public to consider all care options before presenting at emergency departments
Labour criticises Govt as just 3% of those deemed eligible for GP visit card avail of scheme
January 2024
Future of St John of God care facilities in limbo as charity faces ongoing financial crisis
640 patients without beds as HSE warns public to avoid emergency departments if possible
Dublin Simon Community’s ‘first-of-a-kind’ health and addiction care facility to open mid-year
HRB: Evidence to support medicinal cannabis use for most conditions is 'inconsistent at best'
Doctors to inform men taking sodium valproate of risks to unborn children
HSE apologises to boy whose throat was corroded by button battery after delay in ordering X-ray
During this nine-day delay, the battery corroded Aaron Sikorski’s throat and he had to undergo surgery, the High Court heard.
Youth mental health service 'largely non-existent' and discrimination rife, Committee hears
Teenage girl with disabilities was held in a dark hospital room for almost 60 days
Stephen Donnelly ‘not satisfied’ with management of patient flow at overcrowded hospitals
Substantial increase in flu expected to 'peak in next week or two'
Significant increase in emergency department attendances for slips and falls amid cold snap
70% increase in gonorrhoea cases due to lack of condom use - and better testing
Over 6,700 cases of gonorrhoea were reported in Ireland last year, up from 3,976 in 2022.
Some 6,748 cases of gonorrhoea were reported up to 23 December 2023, compared with 3,976 cases in 2022
The majority of cases reported in Ireland last year (5,200) were among men
Ireland has one of the highest incidence rates of gonorrhoea in Europe
HSE chief Bernard Gloster intent on ‘appropriate justice’ over failures in Aoife Johnston case
HSE forms national 'red alert' team after clusters of drug overdoses in Dublin and Cork
Each HSE region will be asked to form their own localised response teams in case dangerous batches end up on the market in their area.
Donnelly defends preventing Aoife Johnston's family any input into inquiry's terms of reference
Professional misconduct allegations against HSE physio who made false claims about Covid-19 upheld
10,000 free home STI kits being ordered every month
Debunked: Piers Morgan catching Covid-19 is not evidence of VAIDS, a made-up medical condition
Family criticises HSE for lack of consultation on inquiry into 16-year-old Aoife Johnston's death
Hospital parking charge cap further delayed
Cost review from 2018 is to be redone with no sign of when commitments made in 2020 will be met.
Noteworthy revealed last year that no progress had been made since a 2020 Programme for Government promise
The original working group had recommended that hospital parking charges be capped nationally at €10 per day
Work on new national guidance to begin in 'early 2024'