# Housing Crisis

Last year
RTB receives over 4,000 eviction notices for the third quarter in a row
Almost half of objections to Dublin City Council against new land-hoarding tax were successful
Dublin Fire Brigade to tell TDs that fire safety will be 'integral' to use of rapid-build homes
O'Brien seeking to convert vacant office blocks into apartments to tackle housing crisis
FG ministers got hundreds of emails about evictions - but just 22 about gender and trans issues
Micheál Martin: It's 'possible' Ireland can build 40,000 new homes a year to meet demand
Analysis: Government and the Central Bank can take steps to free the 60,000 mortgage prisoners
Rural Independents spark debate on log cabins during Dáil motion on housing supports
10% rise in housing bodies last year saw almost 5,000 social and cost rental homes delivered
FactFind: Was the 2008 crash caused by building too many houses?
Government considers subsidies for developers and scrapping of fees to increase housing supply
'We have no intention of leaving': Tathony House tenants facing eviction hold another rally
'Where will they go?': Coveney says invalid notices to quit should be challenged
Cian O'Callaghan: Owners of vacant properties should either use it, rent it or sell it
Indian nurses recruited by HSE wait months in Ireland without their children before starting work
Analysis: 'In a housing crisis, this government is leaving thousands of buildings to rot'
Dr Rory Hearne: Lifting the ban on evictions was an unforgivable act by a misguided government
Questions raised over 'lack of resources and detail' for Govt's tenant-in-situ scheme
Over €1 billion left unspent by Govt on housing projects over the last three years
'We've seen more working people and others who wouldn't be homeless in normal circumstances'
Homeless charities have spoken about the breadth of people being affected by the housing crisis.
Depaul has detailed concerns over people's access to medical care.
Elderly people are at particular risk of becoming homeless after eviction.
Leo Varadkar: Housing constraints would impact whoever is in Government
Housing crisis: Protest to take place at Leinster House today as eviction ban ends
Record low number of properties available for people accessing HAP
Labour leader Ivana Bacik calls for ‘structural revolution’ in housing provision
Majority of derelict buildings not currently financially viable for restoration, study finds
Military Chief: Cathal Brugha Barracks housing for troops must be considered if base is sold
Cork eviction ban meeting told of woman, 78, given notice to quit after 63 years in family home
Eamon Ryan says 'transport-led development' could 'help solve the housing crisis'
Lorcan Sirr: 'The proportion of houses coming to market has reduced by 43.5% in 5 years'
Garda stations have no facilities to house families left homeless after eviction ban ends
Nearly 5,000 eviction notices were served on tenants between July and September last summer
Varadkar: Ministers 'agonised' over decision to end eviction ban
'You can't handle the answers': Tempers flare as FG and SF clash over eviction ban
Varadkar: 'Demonisation' of landlords caused rent hikes and reduced housing supply
'Demonised' landlords should get tax breaks if linked to better renters' rights, says Varadkar
'The situation is getting worse and worse': PBP warn of homeless spike if eviction ban lapses
Landlords should get tax breaks in return for longer tenancies, Taoiseach advised
New rents 13.7% higher on average as availability hits 'all time low'
Almost one in 20 dwellings in Ireland were vacant in last three months of 2021
Housing constraints ‘causing serious risk’ for islanders trying to sustain populations