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Yes, that's a horse INSIDE a chipper in Listowel
Horses that may have entered the food chain are now being abandoned and dying - ISPCA
21 people arrested in French horsemeat probe
ABP takes legal action against Polish food supplier over horsemeat scandal
Iceland forced to withdraw ad that claimed Irish food authority was "unaccredited"
Coveney: Horsemeat scandal a result of bad management, not illegal management
Burger King returns to 100% Irish beef
Column: Hunger and the horsemeat scandal, both the consequences of inequality
Horsemeat scandal: Dept refuses to release over 200 pages of emails with FSAI
Tesco withdraws own-brand meatloaf after finding 5% horsemeat
Horsemeat scandal: Frozen burger sales down 42 per cent
Ikea withdraws Wiener sausages as they await horsemeat DNA tests
Tesco say their products are free from horsemeat
Services company says Rangeland products tested positive for horse DNA
Supermac's distances itself from the Rangeland Foods horsemeat scandal