# homeless ireland 2014

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Open house: What we learned about homelessness this week
Possible solutions for homelessness - and the ones that got it wrong
Lives changing: Adjusting to a new home after homelessness
Can cinema, singing, or soccer help the homeless? You might be surprised...
Wet hostels reduce street drinking, violence and free up hospital beds
Homeless teens: 'Coming out of care, they don't know how to clean, how to wash'
The new homeless: 'Her life just turned bad, by one simple thing'
Column: 'You wake and realise, yes, I’m here, this is real. This is another day to be endured.'
So just what is the government doing about homelessness?
Children living in emergency accommodation: growing up in fear and isolation
Many Irish families are closer to being homeless than ever
"Prove you are homeless": What rights and access to services do homeless people have?
Should you give money to homeless people?
What causes people to become homeless in Ireland?
Homeless and hungry: "I'm a normal person - I just have problems right now"
Choosing homelessness: This man sleeps rough for his faith
'I didn’t notice the recession in the '80s at all but this recession has been absolutely cruel'
On the Frontline: Meet the people who help the homeless
Homeless offenders: 'Yes, there are bad choices - but a lot have been victimised'
Homeless and pregnant? 'That changed everything. I stopped drinking. I started to sort myself out.'
'Failed time and time again': 46% of homeless women were sexually abused as kids
Homeless love: 'We look after each other but I'm far from happy on the streets'
What age, where, and how many: The data on homelessness in Ireland
Homeless people answer the questions they're asked the most frequently
Opinion: Coming out of addiction and homelessness is a major life event
Homeless shelter crisis: "It's not nice saying 'there are no beds'"
Homeless lives: 'I took heroin for the first time on Christmas Day'
No Shelter: Our homelessness crisis is at boiling point - we want Ireland to talk about it
The State acts as parent, then lets kids walk out the door - and straight into homelessness
Dublin's homeless could be housed in prefabs