# Hoax

Last month
January 2024
Suspect device found at Garda station in west Dublin deemed a hoax
Last year
Scene declared safe after hoax bomb threat triggered security operation in Cork
Housing Minister condemns 'misinformation' letters distributed in Dublin with Fianna Fáil logo
All time
PSNI say object left at Derry police station thought to be a hoax was 'explosive device'
PSNI say suspected bomb outside police station was hoax 'made to look like a car bomb'
Financial advisor warns against hoax crypto ads featuring Leo Varadkar and other public figures
Woman charged in Australia over alleged coup hoax featuring fake recording of police chief
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ordered to pay $100k after he claimed Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax
Essex police say human bone found in Primark socks not linked to crime
How an internet hoax about a 'white van kidnapper' sparked violence in Paris
'Ridiculous bullsh*t': Trump hits out at 'single greatest hoax' at first rally since Mueller report
The viral Justin Bieber burrito photo was actually just an extremely elaborate hoax
Actress Tilda Swinton admits playing 82-year-old man in new film
24,000 bomb hoax emails sent to UK schools as 'part of Minecraft gamer feud'
This story about Leonardo DiCaprio moving to Galway is going insanely viral - but it's not true
Hoax statement made by Dublin Lord Mayor to raise disability awareness
Easons on Dublin's O'Connell Street evacuated after 'hoax' bomb scare
No, CeeLo Green was NOT injured after his phone exploded in his face
Council and gardaí warn renters of "security deposit" scam
CERN lab investigating bizarre "human sacrifice" video filmed on site
FactCheck: No, this photo does NOT show a mad rush for Irish passports in the UK
Limerick bank evacuated over 999 bomb call
Spate of bomb hoaxes sees primary schools evacuated in five counties
Donald Trump cites global warming as reason to build his Atlantic wall in Co Clare
Ryanair flight from Norway evacuated after bomb scare
Band apologises for fake sex tape publicity stunt
There's a dodgy motor tax scam email going around
Hoax device discovered in garden causes bomb scare in Dublin
That viral Black Friday fight video is most likely a big fat fake
A man who went viral for being named 'Phuc Dat Bich' has just admitted it was a hoax
A man who went viral for being named 'Phuc Dat Bich' has just admitted it was a hoax
Intel worker who paid friend to phone in bomb threat may be given community service
Investigation launched into "regrettable" hoax Coastguard call off Cork coast
The 'Movie on the Beach' planned for Dublin tonight is definitely not real
Can Everyone Please Stop Sharing That Facebook Copyright Hoax?
This is your regular reminder that those Facebook copyright posts you're seeing are rubbish
Cindy Crawford has finally spoken out about THAT viral unretouched photo
This girl's quest to find the father of her baby went viral -- but now it's totally backfired
"A scumbag": Alan Kelly had a thing or two to say about that threatening package
Bomb squad called after suspicious package delivered to Alan Kelly’s office