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Teen with autism spared jail time after making hoax bomb calls to US
‘Profoundly stupid’ man who made hoax Islamic State bomb call to Intel avoids jail
'Profoundly stupid': Young man makes Intel hoax bomb call to get his friend out of working
Coast Guard unsure if Carlingford Lough distress call was a hoax
Man arrested over hoax call about person jumping into Waterford river
Man who prank called Cameron was 'off his face on booze and cocaine'
Australian radio station donates €350k to family of nurse who took her own life
Over 4,000 hoax calls made to ambulance service last year
Police consider bringing charges over Kate hoax call
Funeral of Jacintha Saldanha to be held in India today
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Family of royal hoax call nurse pay tribute after memorial mass
Department of Finance issues warning over hoax calls offering €2,000 refund
Australian media watchdog opens probe into royal prank station
Australian radio station to give $500,000 to dead nurse's family
Australian radio station reviewing policy after nurse's death following hoax call
Tributes to royal hoax nurse, radio boss says DJs are 'completely shattered'
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Update: Royal hoax presenters suspended following death of nurse