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# Heart Disease

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# Major study
People in richer countries more likely to die from cancer, says new study
In poorer countries, heart disease remains a leading cause of death.
Brexit could result in thousands more deaths from heart disease and stroke, scientists say
It comes a day after bosses at supermarkets wrote to MPs urging them to avoid a no-deal Brexit.
# eggcellent
An egg a day may keep heart disease away
Authors of a new study have said the research should not be looked at in isolation as diet is more complicated than just one item of food.
# cutting back
Health study says Ireland's weekly drinking limit should be 5 pints, not 8.5
Consuming more than 10 standard drinks a week can increase the risk of heart disease.
# snapshot of ireland
Heart disease and cancer are the most common causes of death in Ireland
Here are the latest statistics on births, deaths and marriages.
# Don't sweat it
Bikram yoga is 'no more effective than yoga practiced at room temperature'
This type of yoga is carried out in a room heated to 35–42 degrees Celsius.
# Heart Attack
New heart failure trial 'would reduce trolleys in emergency departments by a third'
As far as its researchers know, Ireland is the only country in the world to offer the STOP-Heart Failure trial as a healthcare service.
# Men's Health
Baldness and premature greying linked to increased risk of early heart disease in men
New research has found that hair loss and greying are associated with a more than fivefold risk of heart disease in men under 40.
# Cardiovascular
Babies born at 35 weeks 'could be at risk of heart diseases when adults'
That’s according to scientists who carried out tests on lambs.
# Your Say
Poll: Have you had your blood pressure checked?
The Irish Heart Foundation recommends that people over the age of 30 get their blood pressure checked once a year.
# New Discovery
People from this Greek beach village have a gene that helps them live longer, despite diet
The isolate population in Mylopotamos live on a diet rich in animal fat.
# irish heart
Why don't Irish people get their blood pressure checked?
High blood pressure can cause a heart attack, stroke or cognitive difficulty in later life.
# Heart Disease
'It's confusing for people': Irish Heart says saturated fats link to heart disease still valid
Ireland’s heart health organisation has said people shouldn’t change their diet based on the editorial in the British Medical Journal.
# artificial sweeteners
One 'diet drink' a day could increase risk of dementia and strokes - seven-year study
Authors of the study are advising that more research be conducted into the effects of sugary and artificially sweetened drinks.
# matter of life and death
Death rate rises and births fall as cancer shown to be nation's biggest killer
Cancer and heart diseases were the main causes of death for Irish people last year.
# Heart Disease
Obese people less likely to die after heart operations compared to those of healthy weight
A study carried out over 11 years found patients with a healthy weight were almost twice as likely to die in hospital compared to people who were obese or overweight.
# Obesity
'Alarming results': Unfit Dublin teens show risk of heart disease similar to 55 or 60-year-olds
The DCU research concentrated on the health of moderately fit and unfit transition-year students in the greater Dublin area.
# irregular heartbeat
Heartbreak can potentially cause real heart problems, study shows
Thanks for that science.
# For your heart
Here's why you should really work on getting your blood pressure down
It has all kinds of good effects.
# one too many
Irish people's binge drinking could increase our risk of cancer
More than half of people who drink do so irresponsibly.
# risk detection
Could you have a stroke in the next 10 years? Where you live could have a lot to do with it...
A new risk detection method aims to predict heart disease and strokes in people over 40.
# clear arteries
Your five-a-day of COFFEE could help reduce your risk of heart disease
You might be pushing the safe limit for caffeine after that.
# Teenagers
Poor fitness means Irish teens as young as 15 are showing signs of heart disease
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Ireland.
# medical advancements
9 big ideas that could change medicine forever
Could one-drop blood testing and wireless pacemakers soon be a reality?
# little hearts
All children from NI who need heart surgery will soon be having it in Dublin
A working group found that having two surgical centres north and south of the border could not be justified due to the small number of surgeries each year.
# Ah go on
Put the kettle on: A cup of tea a day could help you live longer
Researchers recommend drinking tea rather than coffee and if you don’t drink either, you should probably give tea a chance…
# Heart Disease
Fr Jack tells the Irish public to... not drink (too much)
It’s part of a campaign by the Irish Heart Foundation asking people to cut back on their alcohol intake.
Opinion: How one country saw epidemic illnesses plummet – and Ireland could too
A dietary metamorphosis adopted in Finland in the 1970s has seen heart disease, some cancers and obesity levels drop dramatically. We should take note.
Opinion: How we deal with illness and ageing is painfully outdated
Our current model of healthcare was developed to deal with a very different world: one in which people did not survive long into old age and acute illness was the main cause of death.
# Diabetes
"A real breakthrough": Study finds exercise will effectively fight heart disease in diabetics
Doctors previously lacked definitive evidence that such treatment was effective.
# watch your house
Gregory House MD is so amazing he's even saved a real-life patient
A German patient suffering from severe heart failure had baffled doctors until they caught an episode…
# sleep tight
Irish researcher tells why lack of sleep is bad for the heart
It’s not so much your blood pressure, as it is how sleep deprivation affects how blood pumps around your body. Yes, science.
# Death
Cancer death rates for Ireland's older women higher than EU average
Eurostat figures show that circulatory diseases are the most prevalent cause of deaths of over 65s in the EU28 countries.
# Disease
Mortalities due to cancer, heart disease significantly down in last decade
Life expectancy in Ireland has also increased by a full four years since 2000 to reach 80.6 today, over the OECD average, according to a report published today.
# world stroke day
Stroke deaths last year below 2,000 for first time in years
Figures also confirmed that almost twice as many women as men died from stroke.
# chronic disease
More than half of Irish people over 50 have two or more chronic diseases
This number is likely to rise dramatically by the end of this decade, a conference on public health heard yesterday.
# Health
Taking aspirin to prevent recurrent heart attacks 'ineffective for 1 in 5'
A study by the Irish Heart Foundation shows that for 1 in 5 people taking the drug as a preventative measure, it might be ineffective.
# fat facts
Two thirds of Irish adults are eating more fat than their body needs
New stats on eating habits are being highlighted as part of a drive to reduce the number of heart disease and stroke victims. 10,000 people die annually as a result of the illnesses.
# Heart Health
Men who skip breakfast 'face higher risk of heart attack'
Men who fail to eat in the morning have a 27 percent higher risk of heart attack than those who eat breakfast, a new study shows.