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January 2024
VHI to increase price of healthcare insurance plans by 7% average from 1 March
Last year
Irish Life Health to increase price plans by an average of around 5%
VHI to increase price of health insurance by 7% from the start of October
All time
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VHI to return money to customers as number of claims remains lower than expected due to pandemic
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People advised not to make changes to health insurance as Covid-19 deal is arranged with private hospitals
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Column: 'Those who beat the health insurance penalty deadline are at risk of overpaying'
VHI is bringing its prices down by an average of 5.5%
Customers will be able to take a 6 month break from their health insurance without being penalised
VHI set to cut the price of health insurance on 26 of its plans
'It has a profound impact': Insurance companies cancel policies over minor non-disclosures
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Older people overpaying €1,000 for health insurance as they're 'afraid to switch plan'
'When doctors and their loved ones are patients in hospital, the health insurance form tends to get signed'
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