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Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
Road safety fears raised over relaxation of lorry driver resting time rules
Dublin Port trucker protest which caused 'significant delays' ends
Hauliers warn of further protest in early December if fuel costs are not reduced
Hauliers cause traffic disruption in Dublin as part of protest against rising fuel costs
'Concertina effect': Supply chain and shipping disruption could last 'the entirety of 2022'
Major congestion at European feeder ports serving Ireland continues to delay the flow of goods to and from Irish ports.
Once goods arrive in Ireland, a shortage of truck drivers is causing delays to final deliveries.
Businesses are being urged to afford struggling hauliers and drivers respect ahead of what could be a challenging Christmas.
Hauliers to consider protests over carbon budget targets amid rising operating costs
Ireland will not see same shortages of lorry drivers as UK – Taoiseach
Irish hauliers: 'French officials treat us as if we’re coming from England – we’re not'
Incomplete haulier paperwork still causing headaches and delays at Irish ports, Cabinet told
Thousands of lorry drivers could spend Christmas in Kent traffic backlog
Irish consumers assured there is 'no strain on food supply chain' amid bulk buying at supermarkets
Truck drivers protest outside Leinster House over tyre levy
Truck drivers plan further traffic chaos, and one Minister isn't very happy about it
Hauliers fear new roads levy will lead to job losses
Hauliers want exemption from "unfair" Northern Irish roads levy