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21st February 2024
X tells private Oireachtas hearing it will abide by Irish hate speech laws
This month
February 2024
How Elon Musk has courted Ireland's far-right by taking aim at the government's hate speech laws
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Lindsay Hoyle: Social media's role during January 6 riots was a 'wake up call' for parliaments
European speakers of parliament urge for better protections against abuse towards politicians
Holocaust group writes to Helen McEntee about 'anti-Semitic' newspaper edited by Gemma O'Doherty
Taoiseach: Hate crimes are 'matter of real concern' and dismissing them as ‘wokeism’ is wrong
Hate speech law won't progress further until autumn at the earliest
Hate speech law 'not radical', says minister as senators highlight free speech 'chilling effect'
Free speech fears and far-right conspiracies: the culture war over Ireland's hate speech bill
Harris takes aim at Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr during defence of Govt's hate speech bill
All time
New laws on hate speech includes provision to protect freedom of expression, says minister
McEntee says planned new hate crime laws will carry more severe penalties
Facebook touts progress in curbing hate and violent content
New hate crime bill with tough sentences gets government approval
Punish players who cover their mouths to talk to opponents – Seedorf
Sharing hate speech online to become criminal offence but there will be protections for freedom of speech
Garda injured and six arrested during rally against hate speech law
Charities and community groups pen open letter to politicians urging them not to use 'hate speech'
Ireland is failing to meet its obligations regarding hate crime, report says
'The law is weak': Government launches public consultation on hate speech
Dublin City councillor issues complaint against Gemma O'Doherty over hijab comments
YouTube bans Gemma O'Doherty over 'hate speech' policy breaches
Twitter bans 'dehumanising' posts towards religious groups
Calls for sanctions to be placed on local authorities who fail to provide Traveller accommodation
Opinion: It is time to stop paying people to spread hate
Facebook extends ban on hate speech to 'white nationalists'
The features of online hate speech in Ireland and why it's often not flagged
'He hasn't violated our rules': Twitter chief defends not suspending Infowars' Alex Jones
Kilkenny mosque debate: 'This could become dangerous. Tensions could escalate'
US college professor cancels cultural freedoms class after use of racial slur causes anger
'Harmful and offensive': Complaint against Katie Hopkins' Today FM appearance rejected
Germany to fine tech giants up to €50 million for hate speech and fake news
Extremist who called Jewish people 'subhuman animals' jailed in London
Dutch anti-Islam politician to snub his own hate speech trial
Council of Europe slams infamous "cockroaches" column by Katie Hopkins as "hate speech"
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary found guilty of inciting support for ISIS
Facebook and co have to remove hate speech within 24 hours - but it 'won't change the reality'
Slap on the wrist for FM104 over caller who called Africans 'parasites'
"We must demand true equality": Canada introduces new laws protecting transgender people
Mark Zuckerberg had a dig at Trump for his talk of "building walls"