# Hate Crimes

Last year
Taoiseach: Hate crimes are 'matter of real concern' and dismissing them as ‘wokeism’ is wrong
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Eight killed in shootings at Atlanta massage parlours
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US hate crimes rose during 2016 election as over 6,000 incidents reported
White supremacist Dylann Roof sentenced to death for killing nine black churchgoers
Hate crimes against Muslims in the US up by nearly 70%
Sectarian graffiti daubed on two churches
'Orchestrated racism' in Belfast condemned
"Worrying rise" in racist attacks prompts action from Robinson & McGuinness
Anti-racism hotline needed to make sure 'complaints are taken seriously'
Amish sect found guilty of cutting off beards
Man arrested over neo-Nazi murder probe in Germany
Seven charged with hate crimes over Amish beard cutting attacks